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A Cervantes Symposium was held at the University of Cincinnati on February 25, 1983, in conjunction with a production of Man of La Mancha by the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. The symposium was organized by Sulema Polasky, and participants were Donald Bleznick, Maureen Ihrie, Luis A. Pérez, James Parr, Margarita Lezcano, John J. Allen, Paul R. Short, Salvador Jiménez Fajardo, Kenneth Brown, and Angela DiSalvo.

* * *

The University of Virginia held a symposium on Cervantes and the Comedia on April 22 and 23, 1983, with lectures by Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce, Jean Canavaggio, Adrienne Schizzano Mandel, and Bruce Wardropper. Professor Canavaggio was Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia during the Spring term.

* * *

Ediciones El Árbol has republished the fascinating «Información de Argel», containing the testimony Cervantes elicited from his fellow captives on his activities in Algiers and the famous Memorial of 1590 in which he sought a post in the New World. It is available from José de Esteban, San David, 2, Madrid 19, Spain.