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Chapter News

Prepared by Juan R. Franco

Chapter Reports

Nebraska: Nebraska Chapter

     The Chapter held its fall meeting at the University of Nebraska at Omaha on October 28, 1994. The business meeting was conducted by President Velda Hughes. The agenda included a report by Elvira García on the national meeting in Philadelphia, the election of Judy Blakeman as Vice-President, and a vote to increase our financial support of the Nebraska International Language Camp.

     Frances Hendrickson and Twila Gerdes gave an entertaining and informative talk on their four-week summer visit in Cuernavaca, Mexico. They showed slides and transparencies as they spoke of their many adventures in staying with a family, attending classes, and going on various excursions.

     Dr. Marie Trayer called for volunteers to work on writing foreign language standards for the state of Nebraska. Dr. Trayer is project coordinator for a grant from the Nebraska Department of Education to write and implement standards and frameworks for the state.

     The chapter received greetings from Connie Magilton, who will begin her term as President at the next meeting. Judy Blakeman will be VicePresident, with Debra Johnson remaining as Treasurer and Elizabeth Nichols as Secretary.

     Approximately 520 students took the National Spanish Examination in 18 schools in Nebraska this past spring.

     The spring meeting was not held as usual this year. However, some members were able to attend the Central States Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Elizabeth Nichols         

Texas: Llano Estacado Chapter

(Lubbock Area)

     The Llano Estacado Chapter of AATSP held its Spring Meeting in the Qualia Room at Texas Tech University on May 6, 1995. El cinco de Mayo was the decorative and social theme. President Dr. Ted McVay opened the meeting, and the minutes of the Fall Meeting were read and approved, as was the Treasurer's Report. Olivia Cervántez reported that there were 12 medal winners in the National Spanish Examinations and all participants won an award. Linda Heathington and Valerie Job reported on the Foreign Language Collaborative Meeting. The Collaborative will offer a workshop for foreign language teachers on August 4, 1995. The presenters will be Jim and Marlana Palmer, Spanish instructors from Tarrant County Junior College (Northeast). Their emphasis will be on oral proficiency. Also, Dr. McVay reported that Sigma Delta Pi is accepting donations from members for a scholarship fund.

     Old business included the adoption of the bylaws presented to the members at the Fall Meeting. The new officers, elected by acclamation, are: President, Dr. Harley Oberhelman; Vice President, Tambra Neiman; Secretary, Valerie job; Treasurer, Becky McClure. The chapter thanks the previous officers for their dedication and hard work.

     Sigrid Carter, of Envoyé Travel, and her colleague Lee Lombardina provided members with information concerning customized tour/travel groups and expressed their willingness to work with teachers who wish to sponsor trips for students.

     Dr. Isabel Guerra McSpadden, a self-employed interpreter/translator, provided information and examples of her work. Dr. McSpadden emphasized the difference between the two: traducir no es tan fácil y traducir no es interpretar. She explained that her career allows her to be home-based, and communication with prospective employers occurs through the use of a PC, a modem, and a fax machine. She stated that her career is enjoyable and lucrative.

     The meeting was closed, and a social followed.

Valerie Y. Job         

Texas: Lone Star Chapter

(Dallas/Fort Worth Area)

     The Lone Star Chapter of the AATSP met Saturday, April 22, 1995, at the Dallas Museum of Art. Chapter President Elias Rodriguez called the meeting to order and outlined the program for the day.

     Dr. Thomas Stephens, Associate Professor of Spanish at Rutgers University and member of the Executive Council of the National AATSP, made a presentation to the chapter entitled «Spanglish and U.S. Hispanicity», which included [919] a discussion of the definitions of bilingualism, code-switching, transfer, borrowing, and syntactic adjustments. Several examples of each led to a lively exchange with members of the audience.

     Members were treated to a guided tour of the Educational Services and Resource Center located at the museum and received information on programs available to individuals and to classes, along with written materials. The second part of the tour included the museum's recent exhibit of pre-columbian artifacts and displays.

     After a short break, the meeting reconvened in the auditorium, where Dr. Juan R. Franco, national chapter coordinator, encouraged those present to apply for one of the regional grants being offered by AATSP for those who have not previously attended a national convention. He also announced that the national convention in 1996 would be held in Orlando and the following meeting in Nashville in the fall of 1997. Next, awards for service to the chapter were presented to Dr. Julio Jiménez and Dr. Phillip Johnson, both of Baylor University, for 16 years as editor of the newsletter and secretary-treasurer of the chapter respectively. The chapter recognized Juan Franco for his long years of activity in and service to the chapter in many different capacities, and Mercedes Hotz for her service as president of the chapter during 1993-1994.

     Elías Rodríguez, coordinator of the National Spanish Examination, presented the annual report. There were 1542 students participating at 20 different testing centers, representing 78 teachers and over 40 different schools. The chapter had 17 students receive first-place honors in the various categories. Mr. Rodríguez received special recognition for his exceptional work with the NSE again this year. Many improvements were noted this time with the administration of the examination, due in large part to the good efforts of the national office.

     Phillip Johnson gave the annual report of the chapter secretary. The minutes of last year's meeting and the financial report were reviewed. The chapter has an increase of three members this year over last year's paid membership of 140. The attendance of 54 members this year is an increase of ten from last year.

     James Palmer of Tarrant County Junior College (Northeast) and chairman of the Scholarship Committee announced the meeting of the committee in Arlington to finalize the results of the student interviews, which were subsequently announced as follows: The winners of the four-week study scholarship to the Mexican Immersion Center in Cuernavaca, Mexico, were Jonathan Keljo of the Cistercian School (student of Dr. Stephen Arndt) and Virginia Brandon of Trinity Valley School (student of Suzanne Kramer). Both winners accompanied the Tarrant County junior College group from June 2 through June 30, 1995. The winner of the $700 scholarship for pursuing a course in Spanish or Portuguese at the university level was Maha Armush of the Hockaday School (student of Pam Hill). The chapter considered the option of allowing junior level students to be eligible for the scholarship and voted in the affirmative.

     The nominating committee, chaired by Pam Hill, proposed Marsha McFarland of J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson to serve as vice president for the coming year. Pam Hill will serve as president and the other officers will continue in their responsibilities.

     After an expression of appreciation to the personnel of the Dallas Museum of Art and to chapter president Elías Rodríguez, the members adjourned to lunch at Casa Domínguez in the Dallas Arts District.

Phillip Johnson         

West Virginia: West Virginia


     Glade Springs, un bello lugar en el sur del estado, fue el sitio elegido para la reunión de la primavera del '95 de la WVFLTA. Nuestro grupo se juntó allí con todos los profesores de idiomas de WV durante el fin de semana 31 de marzo/1º de abril y disfrutamos de varias sesiones pedagógicas de gran interés. Al final del banquete que abrió la reunión se hizo la presentación del premio «Outstanding Foreign Language Teacher», y tuvimos el enorme placer de felicitarle a nuestra tesorera, Kelley Moore, la recipiente de 1995. Debemos también una fuerte enhorabuena a otra socia, Peggy Dolan, quien ha ganado uno de los premios otorgados por Ashland Oil en su campaña de apoyo a la educación.

     Durante la sesión dirigida por Carole Deardorff, vice-presidenta, se discutió un plan para aumentar el número de miembros de nuestra asociación programado para la reunión del otoño. Se distribuyeron nuevos folletos de información y promoción creados por la WVFLTA para este propósito y se formó un comité para organizar la campaña. Es de esperar que cada miembro presente anime a un colega a reunirse con nosotros en septiembre y así doblar el [920] número de socios.

     Entre los asuntos tratados, Margarita Rubio, secretaria, pidió el favor de que alguien la reemplazara en su cargo, ya que quisiera tomar un descanso después de este año escolar. Nuestro colega mexicano, Aníbal Rubio Serrano, se ofreció y fue aceptado por aclamación. Se aprobó un donativo a las socias Peggy Glaser y Crystal Baranowski de Wheeling Park HS en apoyo de su presentación como «The Best of WV» durante el congreso regional de SCOLT. Su animado programa, que nos habían presentado el año pasado, explica cómo organizar y llevar a cabo «Un día multicultural» para todos los alumnos de una escuela secundaria.

     La reunión concluyó con una charla titulada «Puerto Rico en la actualidad», presentada con entusiasmo por Margarita Rubio. Mediante carteles, fotos, música y abundante realia nos presentó lo esencial de su patria, su pasado indígena, español y africano y su presente, además de una discusión de las tres posibilidades para resolver el futuro político de la isla.

Terri Marlow         


AATSP Chapter Treasurers

      ALABAMA-$5.00-Ana Luisa Bristotti-Baker, 1811 Shoreham Dr., Montgomery, AL 36106
ARIZONA-$5.00-Lucy Linder, 2229 N. 87th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
ARKANSAS-De Soto-$2.00-Dorothy Bell, 220 Brewer St., Ward, AR 72176
CALIFORNIA-Northern California-$5.00-Carol E. Feige, 967 H La Mesa Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
    Roger C. Antón-$5.00-Raymond González, 2501 Horace St., Riverside, CA 92506
San Diego-$5.00-Irene Castro, P.O. Box 152613, San Diego, CA 92195
Southern California-$5.00-Lynne LaFleur, 2500 Via Anacapa, Palos Verde Estates, CA 90274
CANADA-Atlantic Provinces-$5.00-Carol Hartzman, Dept. of Mod. Langs., Mt. St. Vincent Univ., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B34 2J6
Ontario-$7.50-Rosa Sariba, Univ. of Western Ontario, Dept. of Mod. Langs. & Lits., London, Ontario, Canada N6A 3K7
COLORADO-$8.00-Jane Scott Chamberlain, 2946 Kalmia Ave., #53, Boulder, CO 80301
CONNECTICUT-$5.00-Alicia Almagro, 45 Slater Rd., Glastonbury, CT 06033
DELAWARE-$5.00-Judy McInnis, 29 E. Pkwy., Elkton, MD 21921
FLORIDA-$ 10.00-Janet Hill, 1900 NW 13th St., Gainesville, FL 32609
GEORGIA-$5.00-Anita Picas, 250 Ansley Dr., Athens, GA 30605
HAWAII-$5.00-Raylice Wong, 99-1440 Aiea Hts. Dr., #59, Aiea, HI 96701
IDAHO-$3.00-L. Wm. Braden, 5453 Waterwheel Dr., Boise, ID 83703
ILLINOIS-Chicago Area-$5.00-Lisa Black-Gomez, 27W381 Oakwood St., Winfield, IL 60190
Downstate Illinois-$5.00-Dolores Decaroli, 409 Clark St., Oglesbly, IL 61348
Northern Illinois-$5.00-Rebecca Hadley, 604 Flagg Ln., Woodstock, IL 60098
INDIANA-$5.00-Oscar Ozete, 330 Camden Ct., Evansville, IN 47715
IOWA-$5.00-Holly Janelle Kaptain, 206 SW Pleasant St., Ankeny, IA 50021
KANSAS-Kansas/Sunflower-$5.00-Barbara Baker, 1200 Valleyview, Wichita, KS 67212
KENTUCKY-$3.00-Daniel P. Kinnell, P.O. Box 2, Vancleve, KY 41385
LOUISIANA-$6.00-Claire Paolini, Coll. of A&S, Loyola Univ., New Orleans, LA 70118-6195
MAINE-García Lorca-$5.00-Cathy Fonda, Sumner Memorial HS, Rt. 1, Box 42, East Sullivan, ME 04607
MARYLAND-$3.00-Loretta Prevas, 5900 Ayleshire Rd., Baltimore, MD 21239
MASSACHUSETTS-Massachusetts Bay-$5.00-Mary-Anne Vetterling, 35 Turning Mill Rd., Lexington, MA 02173-1319
MICHIGAN-$5.00-Charles A. Ahnert, 509 Claremont, Buchanan, MI 49107-1711
MINNESOTA-$5.00-Kate Aydin, 1036 Kettle Creek Rd., Eagan, MN 55123
MISSISSIPPI-$5.00-Hope Friesen, 3419 New Hope High School, Columbus, MS 39702
MISSOURI-San Luis Rey-$5.00-Sandra Mabrey, Northeast Middle School, 181 Coeur DeVille Dr., St. Louis, MO 63141
Quincentenario-$5.00-Virginia Huckla, 2009 Rose Dr., Columbia, MO 65202
NEBRASKA-Omaha-$5.00-Debra Johnson, 14905 «Q» St., Omaha, NE 68137
NEW HAMPSHIRE-$ 5. 00-Frederick S. Fernald, Box 1805, Wolfeboro, NH 03894
NEW JERSEY-$4.00-Martin Smith, 10 Twin Oaks Dr., Edison, NJ 08820
NEW MEXICO-Cibola-$5.00-Thomasina Hannum, 508 Golden Meadow NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114
NEW YORK-Dos Rios (NY & PA)-$8.00-Linda Kitchen, Rd. 2, Box 40, W. River Rd., Nichols, NY 13812
Fronteras del Norte-$5.00-Don King, Box 261, Waddington, NY 13694
Long Island (Nassau & Suffold Counties)-$5.00-Margaret Fernández, 67 Chestnut Ave., Larchmont, NY 10538
Metropolitan New York-$5.00-Glen Nadelbach, 64 E St. Marks Pl., Valley Stream, NY 11580
Rochester-$6.00-Martha Anderson, 11 South Ridge Rd., Fairport, NY 14450
NORTH CAROLINA-$5.00-María Teresa Woodhouse, 4305 Shipyard Blvd., Wilmington, NC 28403 [922]
      NORTH DAKOTA-$5.00-Dawn Pearson, Box 14, Mylo, ND 58353
OHIO -Buckeye-$5.00-Jill Simpson, 743 Reynard Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45231
    Northern Ohio-$3.00-William J. Kelley, 3911 Bridge Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113
OKLAHOMA-$7.00-Charlotte Lovett, 1420 Magnolia, Norman, OK 73072-6826
OREGON-$7.00-Guy G. Hill, 109 SE Olvera St., Gresham, OR 97080
PENNSYLVANIA-Delaware Valley-$3.00-Elsa McGladdery, 409 Charmayne Ave., Lancaster, PA 17603-2340
Greater Philadelphia Area-$5.00-Thomasina I. White, 1403 72nd Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19126
Northeastern Pennsylvania-$3.00-Mary M. Kasbatus, 55 W. Main St., Glen Lyon, PA 18617
Río Arriba-$5.00-Michelle Smith, 439 W. Park Ave., State College, PA 16803
Western Pennsylvania-$5.00-Kathleen Boykin, 165 Bradman Estates, Slippery Rock, PA 16057-9182
PUERTO RICO-To be announced.
RHODE ISLAND-$5.00-Alice M. McNaught, 5 Melody Ln., Cumberland, RI 02864
SOUTH CAROLINA-$5.00-Elizabeth A. Hodges, 40 Chestnut St., Sumter, SC 29154-6098
SOUTH DAKOTA-$ 5.00-LaRee Mayes, 3203 Meadowbrook Dr., Rapid City, SD 57702
TENNESSEE-$3.00-Juanita Shettlesworth, Dept. of For. Langs, TTU, Cookeville, TN 38505
TEXAS-Brazos (Houston Area)-$7.00-Benjamin F Griffith, 229 Westmoreland #11, Houston, TX 77006
Costa del Sol (Galveston)-$5.00-Rita Lusignan, 9839 Sagebud, Houston, TX 77089
Llano Estacado (Lubbock Area)-$5.00-Becky McClure, 5628 Amherst, Lubbock, TX 79416
Lone Star (Dallas-Ft. Worth area)-$5.00-Phillip Johnson, Dept. of Mod. Langs., Box 7393, Baylor University, Waco, TX 76798
Río Grande (El Paso Area)-$5.00-Mary Helen Cholka, 3509 Atlas, El Paso, TX 79904
San Antonio de Béjar-$5.00-Johnnie Eng, 531 W. Mariposa Dr., San Antonio, TX 78212
Texas (Austin Area) -$5.00-Amy Jo Lasker, 1114 E. Liberty Ave,, Round Rock, TX 78664
UTAH-$5.00-Michelle Jolley, 265 W. 850 S., Heber City, UT 84032
VIRGINIA-Potomac-$2.00-Mark Goldin, Dept. of For. Langs., George Mason Univ., Fairfax, VA 22030
Virginia-$3. 00-Harry L. Johnson, Richmond Public Schools, Dept. of Instruction, 301 N. 9th St., Richmond, VA 23219
WASHINGTON, DC-To be announced.
WEST VIRGINIA-$5.00-Kelly Moore, RD #1, Box 183, Triadelphia, WV 26059
WISCONSIN-$3.00-E. Alan Magnuson, 1201 N. Point Dr., Stevens Point, WI 54481
WYOMING-$10.00-Alberta Giraldo, 930 S. Elm, Casper, WY 82601



List of Active Chapters of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Mario Fierros


as of June 30,1995

Compiled by the National Director, MARIO FIERROS, Glendale Community College 6000 West Olive Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 85302

    STATE DIRECTOR. LYN SLATTERY, Tuscaloosa County HS, 2200 24th St. Northport 35476
Alabaster, Thompson H.S., Lope de Vega, Elizabeth K. Johnson
Alexander City, Benjamin Russell H.S., Lazarillo, Melba Turner
Anniston, The Donoho School, José Asunción Silva, Ana T. Norton
Birmingham, John Carroll H.S., José de San Martín, Margarita G. Doughty
Birmingham, Erwin H.S., Marianela, Jimmye H. Beck
Birmingham, Homewood H.S., Cristóbal Colón, Mary Ellen Nicholas
Birmingham, Resource Learning Center, El Árbol de la Ciencia, Elizabeth M. Frazier
Birmingham, Vestavia Hills H.S., Miguel de Unamuno, Melinda S. Harden
Brundidge, Pike County H.S., Darío, Mary Kellie Kelley
Dadeville, Dadeville H.S., Carlos Fuentes, Linda C. Blair
Decatur, Austin H.S., Diego Rivera, Deona Turner
Enterprise, Enterprise H.S., Andrés Bello, L. Grondin / L. Saliba
Fort Payne, Fort Payne H.S., Santa Teresa de Ávila, Mirella Hodges
Gadsden, Emma Sansom H.S., El Greco, Jan Frasier
Greenville, Greenville H.S., Bécquer, Glenda T. Fritz
Holt, Holt H.S., Excelencia, Lisa Myrick
Hoover, Hoover H.S., Jorge Luis Borges, Carol W. O'Neill
Huntsville, Butler H.S., Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Dana M. Mucci
Huntsville, Grissom H.S., Pablo Picasso, Marilyn J. Stewart
Huntsville, Randolph School, Francisco Goya, Peggy M. Bilbro
Madison, Bob Jones H.S., La Vida Es Sueño, Patricia Gilchrist
Montgomery, Jefferson Davis H.S., Don Quijote, Valarie L. Forster
Montgomery, Lanier H.S., El Cid, Judy Prat
Montgomery, The Montgomery Academy, Marcelino, Ana L. Brisotti-Baker
Montgomery, Robert E. Lee H.S., Alfonso Sastre, Laura B. Sullivan
Montgomery, Saint James School, Santiago de Compostela, Douglas Hitson
Northport, Tuscaloosa County H.S., Horacio Quiroga Lyn Slattery
Notasulga, Reeltown H.S., Alfonso el Sabio, Karen R. Morris
Opelika, Opelika H.S., La Mancha, Pat H. Nix
Ozark, Carroll H.S., Alfred B. Thomas, Christine M. Adams
Pelham, Pelham H.S., Pablo Neruda, Mirtha Maenza
Pell City, Pell City H.S., José Martínez Ruiz, Dorothy S. Bennett
Sulligent, Sulligent H.S., Pérez Galdós, Susan Cordell
Trinity, East Lawrence H.S., Valera, Judy C. Wright
Tuscaloosa, Central H.S. East Campus, Azorín, D. R. Kline / S. Blankenship
Wetumpka, Wetumpka H.S., Pedro A. de Alarcón, Billie T Williams
Palmer, Colony H.S., Obregón, Kim Merrill
STATE DIRECTOR: RAY SOLTERO, Chaparral H.S., 6935 E. Gold Dust Ave., Scottsdale, 85253
Cave Creek, Cactus Shadow H.S., Frida Kahlo, Jocelyn D. Raught
Glendale, Ironwood H.S., Los Águilas Españoles, Bartley C. Kirst
Miami, Miami H.S., Persiles, Pat Stewart
Morenci, Morenci H.S., Rose Berra, Amelia H. Beach
Phoenix, Brophy College Preparatory, San Ignacio de Loyola, Anita T Heyn [924]
Phoenix, Cortez H.S., Hernán Cortés, Jane Santa Cruz
Phoenix, Mountain Pointe H.S., Ramón y Cajal, Mary Catherine Boatright
Phoenix, South Mountain H.S., Jorge Luis Borges, María Luisa Paredes
Phoenix, Sunnyslope H.S., José Martí, Lucinda Ehlers
Phoenix, Washington H.S., Óscar Arias, Randel J. Kleiser
Phoenix, Xavier College Preparatory, San Javier, Magda Ibarrola Nelson
Scottsdale., Chaparral H.S., Carlos Fuentes, Raymond R. Soltero
Scottsdale, Horizon H.S., Gabriela Mistral, Karen J. Martin
Tucson, Sabino H.S., Vicente S. Acosta, María C. Hynum
Tucson, St. Gregory College Preparatory, García Márquez, Amy J. Anderson
STATE DIRECTOR: LORRAINE NIELSEN, Searcy H.S., 301 N. Ella St., Searcy, 72143
Blytheville, Blytheville H.S., Benavente, Aurita Long
Cabot, Cabot Senior H.S., Gabriela Mistral, Dorothy A. Bell
Conway, Conway H.S., El Conde Lucanor, O'Brien / Steele / Zabala
Ft. Smith, Northside H.S., Don Quijote, Virginia L. Kennedy
Ft. Smith, Southside H.S., Amado Nervo, Lori Catsavis
Harrison, Harrison H.S., De Soto, Dianne Tipton Beard
Searcy, Searcy H.S., Miguel Hernández, Lorraine J. Nielsen
Wynne, Wynne H.S., El Cid, Dana Gilmer
STATE DIRECTOR: ARTHUR EDWARDS, Canyon HS, 19300 W. Nadal St., Canyon Country, 91351
Anaheim, Western H.S., Rigoberta Menchú, Dianne Tomsicek McGinnis
Bakersfield, North H.S., Don Quijote, Frances Peterson
Burbank, Providence H.S., César Vallejo, Mercedes Parodi
Campbell, Westmont H.S., Unamuno, Cristina De Ruiter
Canyon Country, Canyon H.S., Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Arthur N. Edwards
Ceres, Ceres H.S., César Chávez, Elaine Bonacich
City of Industry, William Workman H.S., Castilla la Vieja, Isabel Chávez
Cloverdale, Cloverdale H.S., Segovia, Joanne R. Argyres
Concord, Carondelet H.S., Platero, Mabel Goodale
Culver City, Culver City H.S., Los Pensadores, Sheryl A. Beard
Cupertino, Homestead H.S., Emilia Pardo Bazán, Victoria C. Hernández
Cupertino, Monta Vista H.S., Ignacio Sánchez Mejías, María A. Coughlin
Huntington Beach, Edison H.S., Campoamor, Andrea Goesch
Irvine, University H.S., Junípero Serra, Dennis Calkins
Irvine, Woodbridge H.S., Mariano Azuela, Frederick P Niditch
La Cañada, St. Francis H.S., José Martí, Dr. Jorge A. Gelabert-Megret
La Jolla, La Jolla Country Day School, Arturo Azuela, Luis Villanueva
Lancaster, Paraclete H.S., Las Mariposas, Martha Izabal Serrano
Live Oak, Live Oak H.S., Ricardo Montalbán, Carol Levensaler
Los Altos Hills, Pinewood H.S., Santa Teresa de Jesús, Sheila J. Schmitz
Los Angeles, Immaculate Heart H.S., Las Guadalupanas, Corrine-Marie de Hoyos, IHM
Los Angeles, Windward School, Niebla, Paula Hirsch
Los Baños, Los Baños H.S., Horacio Quiroga, Carole J. Owen Wynne
North Hollywood, Harvard-Westlake School, Caballeros de la Mancha, Thomas A. Donahue
Palos Verdes Peninsula, Chadwick School, Alonso de Ercilla, Tacui T Kearley
Pasadena, Westridge School, Antonio Buero Vallejo, Martin Kaplan
Redondo Beach, Redondo Union H.S., Cervantes, Deborah B. Forster
Riverside, J.W. North H.S., Amado Nervo, Carmen Benchoff
Riverside, Poly H.S., Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Janet L. Downey
Rolling Hills Estates, Palos Verdes Peninsula H.S., Los Sabios, G. Herzog / K. M. Hagey
San Diego, Academy of Our Lady of Peace, Montemar, Silvana Millslagle
San Francisco, St. Ignatius College Prep., Óscar A. Romero, Marie H. McNier
San Rafael, San Rafael H.S., Macario, Dolores S. Peña
San Rafael, Terra Linda H.S., San Rafael, Christina González-Mohn [925]
Santa Fe Springs, St. Paul H.S., Ramón Menéndez Pidal, Sr. Therese Marie Morales, O.R
Santa María, Santa María H.S., El Rey Juan Carlos I, Carolyn L. Moir
Simi Valley, Simi Valley H.S., Don Juan Tenorio, Nancy K. Kilbourn
Thousand Oaks, La Reina H.S., La Reina, Carol Bentzen
Whittier, La Serna H.S., Los Serenos, Reyna Conrado
STATE DIRECTOR: MICHELLE KELLY, Fairview HS, 1515 Greenbrier Blvd., Boulder 80302
Aurora, Eaglecrest H.S., Las Aves Rapaces, Teresa M. Wells
Aurora, Smoky Hill H.S., Ana María Matute, Julieta S. Bauserman
Boulder, Boulder H.S., Hispanos de Corazón, Leticia A. de Lozano
Colorado Springs, Air Academy H.S., Cabeza de Vaca, Pamela S. Sattler
Colorado Springs, Coronado H.S., De Anza, Sonia H. Moore
Colorado Springs, Fountain Valley School, José Martí, Orestes G. Pino
Colorado Springs, Liberty H.S., Rosalía de Castro, Maura L. Rainey
Colorado Springs, Wasson H.S., Siempre Adelante, María S. Steen
Denver, J.K. Mullen H.S., San Miguel Febres Cordero, Irma E Boltman
Englewood, Cherry Creek H.S., Octavio Paz, Elisabeth Giulianelli
Estes Park, Park H.S., Visión Hispánica, Linda Rehn
Frisco, Summit H.S., Pablo Neruda, Mary Keeling
Highlands Ranch, Highland Ranch H.S., Los Quijotescos, Angela Griffith
Loveland, Loveland H.S., Seguidores Cervantinos, Kelley Parkhurst
Parker, Ponderosa H.S., El Sueño Imposible, Lisa Woods
STATE DIRECTOR: HELEN A. WINKLER, Bolton H.S., 72 Brandy St., Bolton 06043
Ansonia, Ansonia H.S., El Alma de España, Elizabeth Farrell
Bloomfield, Bloomfield H.S., Rojas, Carole E. Peterson
Bolton, Bolton H.S., Martín Fierro, Jeannie L. Gugliemino
Bridgeport, Kolbe-Cathedral H.S., Óscar Romero, Deborah A. Pietras
Bristol, Bristol Eastern H.S., Círculo Honorario, María M. Cosentino
Brookfield, Brookfield H.S.,Juan Carlos, Christine M. Mattei
Clinton, The Morgan School, Bernal Díaz del Castillo, Carole L. Fisher
Colchester, Bacon Academy, Pablo Neruda, Jeffrey Withey
Danbury, Immaculate H.S., Simón Bolívar, Aileen Dever
Danbury, Wooster School, Gabriela Mistral, Josette S. Eynon
Darien, Darien H.S., Los Campeadores, Anne K. Roorbach
Derby, Derby H.S., Ignacio de Loyola, Raymond F. Nalewajk
Fairfield, Fairfield H.S., Salvador Dalí, Jonathan Beauchamp & Mary A. Conner
Fairfield, Fairfield Preparatory School, Gabriel Téllez, Michele Duncanson
Fairfield, Notre Dame Catholic H.S., Monserrat, Mary C. Guarino
Farmington, Farmington H.S., El Greco, Celeste A. Masi
Glastonbury, Glastonbury H.S., El Gijón, Christine Brown
Greenwich, Greenwich H.S., Numancia, Jerie Milici
Guilford, Guilford H.S., Jorge Amado, Joyce B. Tucker
Hamden, Sacred Heart Academy, Santa Teresa de Ávila, Maria Rethis
Litchfield, The Forman School, Orestes Pino, Bradley R Sharp
Litchfield, Litchfield H.S., Lazarillo, Carol A. Kearns
Litchfield, Wamogo Regional H.S., Iberia, Lucilia Marques Titley
Meriden, Francis T. Maloney H.S., Antonio Gaudí, Gail L. Cooper
Middletown, Xavier H.S., El Cid Patricia R. Chimirri
Milford, Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, José Martí, Barbara D'Ambruoso
Monroe, Masuk H. S., Juan Ramón Jiménez, Linda S. Gubitosa
New Fairfield, New Fairfield H. S., Miguel de Unamuno, Patricia Lopes
New Haven, Career H.S., Pablo Casals, C Grabowski / P. Niece
New Haven, James Hillsouse H.S., Óscar Arias, María Moniello
Newington, Newington H.S., Rigoberta Menchú, Linda S. Pepin [926]
Oakdale, Montville H.S., La Gaviota, Gregory Roth
Plainville, Plainville H.S., Antonio Machado, Joanne C. Curley
Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill H.S., Juan Ortiz, Steven Strange
Sandy Hook, Newtown H.S., Los Conquistadores, Kathleen Madzula
Shelton, Shelton H.S., Federico García Lorca, Marilyn M. Mintell
Southbury, Pomperaug H.S., Carlos Fuentes, Susan C. Jones
Stamford, Sacred Heart Academy, Las Estrellitas, Frieda Soriano-Rüegg
Stratford, Frank Scott Bunnell H.S., Borges, Marilyn S. Hegedus
Stratford, Stratford H.S., El Amanecer Mexicano, Maryann M. Knag
Trumbull, St. Joseph H.S., Iberoamérica, Juan F. Vázquez
Trumbull, Trumbull H.S., Lucidez, Lucinda Timpanelli
Waterbury, Crosby H.S., Luís Vaz de Camões, Rosemarie Pedro Carvalho
Waterbury, Crosby H.S., Rita Geada, Rosemarie Pedro Carvalho
Watertown, Watertown H.S., Diego Rivera, Joanne G. Chenkus
West Hartford, Conard H.S., Rubén Darío, John M. Darcey
West Hartford, WH. Hall H.S., Nájera, Mary M. Foley
West Haven, Notre Dame H.S., Los Caballeros de Nuestra Señora, Kathy K. Bonn
Windsor, Windsor H.S., Cela, Frances H. Petros
Winsted, The Gilbert School, Francisco Pizarro, Kenneth Dos Santos
Wolcott, Wolcott H.S., Don Quijote, Elaine Jackson
Woodbridge, Amity Regional #5 H.S., La Amistad, Carolina Miranda
Woodstock, Woodstock Academy, La Tertulia, Rosalba Onofrio
STATE DIRECTOR: SISI D. MORRIS, Sanford School, P.O. Box 888, Hockessin, 19707-0888
Bridgeville, Woodbridge H.S., Salto del Ángel, Lena Ciccarella
Claymont, Archmere Academy, Los Hidalgos, Therese Mehringer
Hockessin, Sanford School, Los Diamantes, Sara Jane (Sisi) D. Morris
Middletown, Saint Andrew's School, García Márquez, Melissa W. Brown
Newark, Newark H.S., Jaime Escalante, Jodie Gwinn
Wilmington, Brandywine H.S., Cervantes de Saavedra, Edward J. Chango
Wilmington, Mt. Pleasant H.S., Velázquez, Mary J. Rimmer
Washington, D.C., Archbishop Carroll H.S., Unamuno, Eleno Jao
Washington, D.C., Benjamin Banneker Academic H.S., J. Ferrer Canales, Stacy Kincaid
STATE DIRECTOR: LOUIS P. LILLARD, Clewiston H.S., 1501 S. Francisco St., Clewiston, 33440
Alachua, Santa Fe H.S., Don Quixote, Dalia S. Hobbs
Altamonte Springs, Lake Brantley H.S., Luis Muñoz Marín, Jacqueline S. Taylor
Apopka, Apopka H.S., La Amistad, Barbara A. Gordon
Boca Ratón, Boca Ratón Community H.S., Hidalgos de la Costa de Oro, S. Kagan
Boca Ratón, Olympic Heights H.S., Menéndez Pidal, Elizabeth Barbuzano
Boca Ratón, St. Andrew's School, Julián Marías, Donald J. Nicole
Bradenton, Bradenton Christian School, Picasso, Jean W. Bennett
Bradenton, St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Zorrilla, Julia B. Fogarty
Brandon, Brandon Senior H.S., El Águila, Carmen M. Méndez
Brooksville, Central H.S., Terrazo, Ana M. García
Cape Coral, Cape Coral H.S., SHH de Cape Coral, Russ Crawford
Cape Coral, Mariner H.S., Martín Fierro, Puchy Franco
Clearwater, Clearwater H.S., Salvador Dalí, Catherine Evans
Clearwater, Clearwater Central Catholic H.S., Jorge Mañach, Fred A. Butler
Clearwater, Countryside H.S., Vicente Aleixandre, Monica L. Diba
Clewiston, Clewiston H.S., Valle Inclán, Louis P Lillard
Crescent City, Crescent City H.S., Francisco de Miranda, Mary E. Roberts García
Delray Beach, Atlantic Community H.S., Los Escogidos, Joyce L. French
Fort Lauderdale, Cardinal Gibbons H.S., Pan American, Janette Furness
Fort Lauderdale, Pine Crest School, Iberia, [927] Lourdes Cowgill
Fort Lauderdale, St. Thomas Aquinas H.S., San Juan de la Cruz, Angel A. Alomá
Fort Lauderdale, Western H.S., Siglo de Oro, Margarite Kirschner
Fort Meyers, Canterbury School, Arcipreste de Hita, Tina Olczak
Fort Meyers, Cypress Lake H.S., Núñez de Balboa, William Holbrook
Fort Meyers, Riverdale H.S., Luis Muñoz Rivera, P Ramón Pedraja
Fort Pierce, Lincoln Park Academy, Renacimiento, Veronica Tempone
Gainesville, Buchholz H.S., Ana María Matute, Cathryn S. Gregory
Gainesville, Gainesville H.S., Manolete, Greg Kynast
Gulf Breeze, Gulf Breeze H.S., Fernando e Isabel, Nanette Harper
Gulfport, Boca Ciega H.S., Los Hidalgos, Carmen Jácome
Hallandale, Hallandale H.S., Los Madrigalistas, Carmen J. Blanco
Hollywood, McArthur H.S., Hispanos Unidos, Flora Malavé
Hollywood, Chaminade-Madonna College Prep, San Agustín, Ivette Casiano
Homestead, South Dade H.S., El Quinto Sol, Karen Kropp Velázquez
Interlachen, Interlachen H.S., Los Quijanos, Constance S. Nieman
Jacksonville, Bishop Kenny H.S., Simón Bolívar, Diane Herbert
Jacksonville, Bolles School, Juan Bosch, Moya Marks
Jacksonville, Mandarin Senior H.S., Hernán Cortés, Thomas V. Kennedy
Jacksonville, Sandalwood H.S., Alfonso Paso, María Cristina Williams
Jacksonville, Samuel W. Wolfson H.S., Los Lobos, Marily M. Hale
Jupiter, Jupiter H.S., Parque del Retiro, Gianina Ireland
Lakeland, Lakeland Senior H.S., La Puerta del Sol, Teresa Martínez
Lantana, Santaluces H.S., Alfonso X, Michele Tavoletti Kelly
Land O' Lakes, Land O' Lakes H.S., Felipe II, Angélica Rivera
Largo, Largo Sr. H.S., Amistad Cubano-Americana, Antonio Cubero
Largo, Pinellas Park H.S., Los Pensadores, Anne Hartley
Lauderdale Lakes, Boyd Anderson H.S., Isabel Allende, Idianise Aldarondo
Melbourne, Melbourne H.S., Amigos de Quijote, John Stanford
Melbourne, Melbourne Central Caholic H.S., Emilia Pardo Bazán, Marie L. Ralph
Merritt Island, Merritt Island H.S., Burlador de Sevilla, Michael J. Ferger
Miami, Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, José Rubinos, G. León / L. Arteaga
Miami, Christopher Columbus H.S., Pablo Casals, Bro. J. Vitores / P. García Casals
Miami, G. Holmes Braddock Sr. H.S., Raíces de Oro, Marielena Farinas
Miami, Gulliver Preparatory School, Alfonsina Storni, Francisca Chase
Miami, La Salle H.S., Miguel de Unamuno, Isabel Monte
Miami, Miami Coral Park H.S., Pío Baroja, María Sierra
Miami, New World School of Arts, Las Meninas, Martha Isabel Miranda
Miami, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, Juan José Remos, Lourdes Togores
Miami, PalmerTrinity School, Miguel Hernández, Ariane Santamaría
Miami, Ransom Everglades School, La Edad de Oro, Kenia Rebozo
Miami, St. Brendan H.S., Santa Teresa de Ávila, Rina Faz
Miami, South Miami Sr. H.S., Florida del Sur, Margarita C. Fernández
Miami, Westminster Christian School, Los Vencedores, Mercedes Ricón
Miramar, Miramar H.S., Antonio Maceo, Blanca Guerra
Naples, The Community School of Naples, Fuente de la Juventud, Jill Rochette
Naples, Lely H.S., Cervantes, Marta Suárez
Naples, Naples H.S., Rocinante, Patricia A. Demarest
New Port Richey, Gulf H.S., Padre Luis, Cristina Romeu Felicié
Ocala, Lake Weir H.S., La Torre, Alice Bolaños
Orange Park, Orange Park H.S., Bécquer, Barbara C. Rodgers
Orange Park, St. Johns Country Day School, José Marín Cañas, Patricia C. Fernández
Orlando, Bishop Moore H.S., María, Norma Coto
Orlando, Edgewater H.S., El Greco, Inca Kayon Silver
Orlando, Lake Highland Preparatory School, La Generación del 98, C. M. Heiselman
Orlando, Maynard Evans H.S., La Paz, Marcia S. Hodson
Orlando, Oak Ridge H.S., Antonio Machado, Mary R. Mikell
Orlando, Pine Castle Christian Academy, Más [928] que Vencedores, Edith Vázquez
Orlando, Dr. Phillips H.S., Las Panteras, Mary J. Meyer
Osprey, Pine View School, Ponce de León, June L. Schertzer
Panama City, Bay H.S., Zorro, Cindy L Holtzapple
Pensacola, Escambia H.S., Don Tristán de Luna, Gay W. Coyle
Pensacola, Pine Forest H.S., Bernardo de Gálvez, Sally W. Crenshaw
Plantation, American Heritage School, Los Buenos Vecinos, Carolyn N. Gonano
Port St. Lucie, Port St. Lucie H.S., Lázaro de Tormes, Frank Valentin
St. Augustine, St. Joseph Academy, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, Judith Martín
St. Petersburg, Canterbury School of Florida, Covadonga, Karen Ray Mathews
St. Petersburg, Lakewood Senior H.S., Lazarillo, Susan N. Schlecht
St. Petersburg, Northeast H.S., Juan José Areola, Gretchen L. Cook
St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg H.S., Sancho Panza, Gloria H. Muñoz
Sarasota, Riverview H.S., Carlos V, Josephine L. Ivey
Seffner, Armwood H.S., Los Gavilanes, Alice R. Gault
Seminole, Seminole Senior H.S., José de la Luz y Caballero, Rita Halstead
Springhill, Springstead H.S., Pedro Salinas, Noemie E. De La Rosa
Stuart, Martin County H.S., Juan Luis Vives, Patricia Y. Beondé
Stuart, South Fork H.S., Rigoberta Menchú, Mark A. McDonough
Tallahassee, Godby H.S., Los Pícaros Honorables, Daphaneliedy
Tallahassee, Maclay School, Los Pícaros, Andrea J. Allaire
Tampa, Academy of the Holy Names, Benito Pérez Galdós, Mary E Lado
Tampa, Berkley Preparatory School, Góngora, Byron P Palls
Tampa, Vivian Gaither H.S., Vicente Martínez Ybor, Adele S. Ribas
Tampa, H.B. Plant H.S., Tampa, S. Galloway
Tampa, Hillsborough H.S., Hernando de Soto, Kathryn M. Rizzo
Tampa, Jesuit H.S., San Ignacio de Loyola, Juan N. Cruz
Tampa, King H.S., Carlos Fuentes, Elizabeth Graham
Tampa, Tampa Catholic H.S., Paulina Pedroso, Michael D. Avery
Tampa, Tampa Preparatory School, Juan Rulfo, Viola Perrill
Tarpon Springs, East Lake H.S., Octavio Paz, Pamela Urdal Silva
Tarpon Springs, Tarpon Springs H.S., Los Triunfantes, Don A. Elliott
Titusville, Astronaut H.S., Juan Carlos, Susan Seraphine
Titusville, Titusville H.S., Fray Luis de León, Esther Barba
Valrico, Bloomingdale Senior H.S., Los Toros, Dilia M. Fernández
West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County School of Arts, José Limón, Barbara Smith
West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Lakes Com. H.S., León Felipe, Rosa B. Leal
West Palm Beach, Wellington Community H.S., Salamanca, M. Jiménez / E. Villar
Winter Garden, West Orange H.S., Garcilaso de la Vega, Margie Fox
Winter Haven, Winter Haven H.S., Adelante, Julia L. Wenzel
Winter Park, Trinity Preparatory School, El Dorado, Louise C. Borsoi
Winter Park, Winter Park H.S, Jean Rosenburg, Rosa M. Dalton
STATE DIRECTOR, BARBARA ALFORD, Douglas Co. H.S., 8705 Cambellton. St., Douglasville 30134
Alpharetta, Chattahoochee H.S., Castilla, Amy Saunders
Alpharetta, Milton H.S., Jorge Manrique, Lilia G. Sadoux
Atlanta, Druid Hills H.S., Alejandro Casona, Magda del Aguila
Atlanta, Lakeside H.S., El Cid Campeador, Evelyn V. Brady
Atlanta, Marist School, Santa Teresa de Jesús, Guadalupe Donnelly
Atlanta, North Springs H.S., Benavente, Dolores C. Bryan
Atlanta, Riverwood H.S., Unidos Venceremos, Sharrie L. Williams
Atlanta, Westlake H.S., León, Kathyrn L. Brantley
Brunswick, Brunswick H.S., La Victoria, Beatriz G.Skeens
Brunswick, Glynn Academy H.S., Octavio Paz, Skip Morina
Carrollton, Carrollton H.S., Alfonsina Storni, Jean Carolyn Williams
Columbus, Brookstone School, Velázquez, Norma T Wolff
Columbus, Columbus H.S., Colegio de Columbus, Susan Austin [929]
Columbus, Hardaway H.S., Juana de Ibarbourou, Wendy Harding
Dallas, Paulding County H.S., Los Patriotas de la República, Elin Q. Fowler
Dallas, East Paulding H.S., Salvador Dalí, Melissa Burns
Douglasville, Douglas County H.S., Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Barbara Alford
Dunwoody, Dunwoody H.S., Nicanor Parra, Clarissa Adams Fletcher
East Point, Tri-Cities H.S., José María Heredia, Barbara C. Redic
Gainesville, Gainesville H.S., Pablo Neruda, Cecilia Murphy
Jefferson, Jackson County Comp. H.S., Eduardo Hermann, Jan M. Saunders
Jonesboro, Riverdale Senior H.S., Ponce de León, Roslyn R. Sprayberry
Lawrenceville, Central Gwinnett H.S., Los Compañeros, Susan Grant Rodgers
Lincolnton, Lincoln County H.S., Jorge Luis Borges, Helene P. Rhodes
Lilburn, Parkview H.S., Dama de Elche, Cynthia W. Johnson
Lindale, Pepperell H.S., Kahlo, Kellie B. Paredes
Lithonia, Shiloh H.S., Andrés Segovia, Raúl Fernández
Macon, Mount de Sales Academy, La Reina Isabel, Barbara Castresana
Marietta, Marietta H.S., Alfonso, el Sabio, Patricia W. Smitherman
Marietta, R.L. Osborne H.S., El Greco, Janet T Holbrook
Marietta, Pope H.S., Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Barbara J. Kuehne
Marietta, Sprayberry H.S., Clarín, Marilyn E. Acosta
Marietta, The Walker School, Lazarillo de Tormes, Luis E. de Santiago
Marietta, Walton H.S., Rosalía de Castro, Beverly Gascoigne
McDonough, Eagle's Landing H.S., Las Aguilas, Betty Meadows
Milledgeville, Georgia Military College H.S., Pancho Villa, Wynnette Samper
Norcross, Meadowcreek H.S., Los Mesteños, Carla Broce
Peachtree, McIntosh H.S., Gabriel García Márquez, Marcia L. Grimes
Rome, Rome H.S., Ariel, April Thorton
Smyrna, Campbell H.S., Cristóbal Colón, Wendy D. Gallo
Snellville, South Gwinnett H.S., José Zorilla, Ana Hendrix
Tunnel Hill, Northwest Whitfield H.S., Juan Ramón Jiménez, Ann E. Boyd
Valdosta, Lowndes H.S., Rocinante, Alice DeVane
Valdosta, Valdosta H.S., Calderón, Margarita A. Dunlap
Winder, Winder-Barrow H.S., Príncipe Felipe, Lucinda M. York
Woodstock, Etowah H.S., Salvador Díaz-Versón, Holly McCann Jones
STATE DIRECTOR: URSULA SIHOCKY: Glenbard So. HS, Park & Butterfield, Glen Ellyn 60137
Antioch, Antioch Community H.S., Pío Baroja, Carlene K. Lois
Aurora, Waubonsie Valley H.S., Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, Diane M. Olsen
Barrington, Barrington H.S., Vicente Aleixandre, N. Riesco / R L. Meloy
Bartonville, Limestone H.S., Casona, Dorothy G. Strickler
Belleville, Belleville East H.S., La Alianza Española, Terry Benivegna
Belvidere, Belvidere H.S., Jacinto Benavente, Brad A. Salley
Bethalto, Civic Memorial H.S., Garcilaso de la Vega, Sharon K. Freiner
Bloomington, Bloomington H.S., La Puerta Abierta, Peggy Nixon
Bradley, Bradley-Bourbonnais H.S., Manuel de Falla, Sharon Schiller
Buffalo Grove, Buffalo Grove H.S., Carlos Fuentes, Beth C. Arnold
Burbank, St. Laurence H.S., Los Vikingos de San Lorenzo, Linda Larmon
Carbondale, Carbondale Community H.S., La Celestina, Carmen R Underwood
Carol Stream, Glenbard North H.S., Camilo José Cela, Jane Ann Willard
Champaign, Centennial H.S., Pardo Bazán, Candace McMaster
Champaign, Champaign Central H.S., Mariano Azuela, Bette P. van Es
Charleston, Charleston H.S., Siglo de Oro, Luz Whittenbarger
Chatham, Glenwood H.S., Lepanto, R. Darlene Sidwell
Chicago, James Bowen H.S., Mensajeros de Amistad, Oscar Vocal
Chicago, Roberto Clemente H.S. Juan Antonio [930] Corretjer, Zorraida Rivera-Tañón
Chicago, Curie Metro H.S., Pablo Picasso, Rose Kason
Chicago, Du Sable H.S., Antonio Maceo, Larry E. Holman
Chicago, Good Counsel H.S., Sr. Mary de Chantal, Della L. Deme
Chicago, KeIvyn Park H.S., Lazarillo, Ana Savoy
Chicago, Lake View Academy, Periquillo, Herbert M. Evans
Chicago, Lane Tech H.S., Andalucía, Caroline Lesiak
Chicago,The Latin School of Chicago, Juana la Loca, Robert D. Giosh
Chicago, María H.S., Las Damas de Elche, Sr. Johanne Marie
Chicago, Marist H.S., Mérito Juvenil, Bro. Jeffrey P. Roberts
Chicago, Morgan Park Academy, Simón Bolívar, Darrel L. Van Kirk
Chicago, Mother McAuley H.S., Aldonza, Nina Lesch
Chicago, Resurrection H.S., Cervantes, Mary Jane Schram Kowalski
Chicago, St. Ignatius College Prep., San Ignacio de Loyola, Caroline K. Lockhart
Chicago, St. Patrick H.S., San Miguel Febres Cordero, Marianne Eberhardt
Chicago, St. Scholastica H.S., Concepción Arenal, Virginia Jung
Chicago, Senn MetroAcademy, Carmen Laforet, Delia R Casas
Chicago Heights, Marian H.S., Don Quijote, Nancy R. Holmes
Chillicothe, Illinois Valley Central H.S., Sevilla, S. Solomon / N. Anderson
Crystal Lake, Crystal Lake Central H.S., Cantinflas, Marcia Lutter
Darien, Hinsdale South H.S., Emiliano Zapata, Amy R. Dvorak
Deerfield, Deerfield H.S., Salvador Dalí, Beth C. Sanchez
Des Plaines, Maine West H.S., Don Smith, Alan Matan
Dolton, Thornridge H.S., La Edad de Oro, Aimée C. Simpson
Downer's Grove, Downer's Grove North H.S., Divino Tesoro, Jacqueline Dupuis
Downer's Grove, Downer's Grove South H.S., Zarzuela, Lynn Cornwell
Elmhurst, York Community H.S., Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera, Beth Janus
Flossmoor, Homewood-Flossmoor H.S., Jorge Luis Borges, Susanne Mosel
Franklin Park, East Leyden H.S., Manuel Maples Arce, Josephine Owen
Galesbury, Galesbury H.S., El Cid, Ann Pennington
Glen Ellyn, Glenbard South H.S., Don Juan Carlos, Ursula Sihocky
Glen Ellyn, Glenbard West H.S., Gabriel García Márquez, Andrew Kerr
Harvey, Thornton Township H.S., La Nueva Época, Charlene M. Miller
Highland, Highland H.S., Círculo Español, Michelle Deets
Highland Park, Highland Park H.S., Los Goyescos, Carolyn A. Schildgen
Hinsdale, Hinsdale Central H.S., El Prado, Carol Lynn Stack
Hoffman Estates, James B. Conant H.S., La Alhambra, Jan Edward Premo
Hoffman Estates, Hoffman Estates H.S., Sancho Panza, Janette Warmer
Jacksonville, Jacksonville H.S., Goya, Leslie A. Denny
Joliet, Joliet Catholic Academy, Guadalupana, Sr. Tecla Snyder, OSF
Joliet, Joliet West H.S., Rocinante, Joseph Salinas
Kankakee, Bishop McNamara H.S., El Sueño Imposible, Sonia Baspiñeiro-Edwards
La Grange, Lyons Township H.S., León, Patricia Klimek / Marilynn Pavlik
La Harpe, La Harpe H.S., Don Juan Manuel, Charlotte Davis
Lake Forest, Lake Forest H.S., Miguel de Unamuno, Phillip D. Stone
Lemont, Lemont H.S., Los Fieles, Carole A. Ziemke
Lewistown, Lewistown H.S. Juan Carlos, Nancy Havera
Lisle, Benet Academy, Benito Feijóo, Raymond L. Butler
Lisle, Lisle H.S., Panajachal, Sarah Bartels
Lombard, Glenbard East H.S., Alfonso Reyes, Marsha A. Nathan
McHenry, McHenry H.S. East, El Aguila y la Serpiente, Debra A. Stumbris
Mendota, Mendota H.S., Los Castellanos, Mary Ann Roedl
Minonk, Fieldcrest H.S., La Puerta del Sol, Suzanne C. Coons
Minooka, Minooka H.S., Romancero, Judith A. Brower
Moline, Moline H.S., Bernardo O'Higgins, Dawn M. Johnson
Mundelein, Carmel H.S., Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Jane Ellefson
Naperville, Naperville Central H.S., Cibeles, Martha Vera
Niles, Notre Dame H.S., Rev. José E. Ahumada, [931] CSC, Ian Randolph
Niles, The Willows Academy, Tirso de Molina, Jacqueline Chalos
Northbrook, Glenbrook North H.S., Dr Florence Steiner, Joan Udani
Northlake, West Leyden H.S., Antonio Machado, Celida Gurrola
Oak Park, Fenwick H.S., Santo Domingo, Alan Howell
Oak Park, Oak Park & River Forest H.S., Doña Perfecta, Barbara E. Boyer
O'Fallon, O'Fallon Township H.S., Numancia, Ben Minoff
Olympia Fields, Rich Central H.S., La Cruz de Santiago, Ruth A. Rich
Orion, Orion H.S., Hernán Cortés, Linda Anderson
Palatine, Palatine H.S., Rubén Darío, Maureen Rehusch
Park Forest, Rich East H.S., José Martí, Virginia B. Burd
Park Ridge, Maine East H.S., Marta D. Mañas, Michael J. Harper
Peoria, Manual H.S., Velázquez, Barbara J. Suhr
Peoria, Notre Dame H.S., Nuestra Señora Reina de la Victoria, M. Taraska / P Colgan
Polo, Polo H.S., Joan Miró, Jan Bates
Rantoul, Rantoul Township H.S., Hidalgo, Nancy S. Johnson
Richton Park, Rich South H.S., Antonio Buero Vallejo, Sandra Spann
River Forest, Trinity H.S., Isabel de Castilla, Beth Damacus
River Grove, Mother Guerin H.S., Santiago, Cheryl Ryan
Rochester, Rochester H.S., Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Laurel Lee Gibler
Rockford, Rockford East H.S., Lope de Vega, Carl E. Willy
Rolling Meadows, Rolling Meadows H.S., Pablo Neruda, Isla Arcaro
Schaumburg, Schamburg H.S., Teotihuacán, Donna Nevius
Shelbyville, Shelbyville H.S., Maimónides, Christine Bogart
Skokie, Niles North H.S., Machu Picchu, Judith R. Park
South Holland, Thornwood H.S., Los Molinos de Viento de la Mancha, Karen Vogel
Springfield, Lanphier H.S., Rigoberta Menchú, Barbara A. Volkman
Springfield, Lutheran H.S., Miguel Asturias, Bessie E. Fick
Springfield, Sacred Heart-Griffin H.S., Benítez, Melissa Richardson
Tolono, Unity H.S., Vivar, Carol A. Buriak
Urbana, Urbana H.S., Cuauhtémoc, Janice E. Presley
Westchester, Immaculate Heart of Mary H.S., Horizontes Nuevos, Valerie M. Cosgrove
Westchester, St. Joseph H.S., Martí, Shirley Zaher
West Chicago, West Chicago Community H.S., Castilla y León, Lisa Black-Gomez
Westmont, Westmont H.S., Las Calabazitas, Rainy Crichlow
Wheaton, Wheaton Warrenville South H.S., El Caballero Cifar, Mary Jo Heyen
Wheaton, Wheaton North H.S., Kukulkán, Mathew S. Budzyn
Wheeling, Wheeling H.S., Saber y Conocer, Kathryn J. Anderson de Peso
Wilmette, Regina Dominican H.S., Bartolomé de las Casas, Karen S. Malca
Winnetka, New Trier Township H.S., SHH de New Trier, L.M. Dulin / T Klocker
Woodstock, Marian Central Catholic H.S., Los Reyes Católicos, Christi DeWispelaere
STATE DIRECTOR: EDRA P. STAFFIERI, North Central H.S., 1801 E. 86th, Indianapolis 46240
Carmel, Carmel H.S., Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Carol Clemens
Columbus, Columbus East H.S., Buero Vallejo, Rosemary Haro
Crawfordsville, Southmont H.S., Octavio Paz, Susan Jackson
Culver, Culver Military Academies, José Martí, José M. Garzón
Evansville, Bosse H.S., Los de Abajo, Monserrate Woehler
Fairmount, Madison Grant H.S., Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Carolyn L. Melson
Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern H.S., Los Reales, M. Kathleen Sherman
Fort Wayne, South Side H.S., Sabine Ulibarrí, Beverly J. Jones
Frankton, Frankton H.S., Francisco Pizarro, Cheryl Dunlap
Fremont, Fremont H.S., Picasso, Angel Frain
Garrett, Garrett H.S., Juárez, Shirley A. Wallace
Greenfield, Greenfield-Central H.S., Los Estudiantes Avanzados, Peggy Brown
Greenwood, Center Grove H.S., Miguel de Unamuno, Joyce L. Jones
Highland, Highland H.S., Velázquez, Dennis Kaminski
Indianapolis, Ben Davis H.S., Benito Pérez [932] Galdós, Thomas Alsop
Indianapolis, North Central H.S., Borges, Edra Staffieri
Indianapolis, Pike H.S., Miguel Hidalgo y Castillo, Nancy K. Doedens
Kentland, South Newton H.S., El Dorado, Paula Reed
Kokomo, Taylor H.S., Miguel Ángel Asturias, Louise Freeman
Lawrenceburg, Lawrenceburg H.S., El Cordobés, Dianne J. Horn
Madison, Madison Consolidated H.S., Mario Vargas Llosa, Shirley A. Kloepfer
Michigan City, Rogers H.S., Alejando Casona, Hussein Hakim
Middletown, Shenandoah H.S., Fernando, Deborah E. Siewert
Monticello, Twin Lakes H.S., Madrid, Chreyl Rich
Nashville, Brown County H.S., Los Místicos, Charwyne Baker
Newburgh, Castle H.S., Santiago, Sally Wilkinson
New Castle, New Castle Chrysler H.S., Calderón de la Barca, Barbara Acosta Sorrell
Noblesville, Noblesville H.S., Antonio Machado, Colleen Bailie
North Judson, North Judson-San Pierre H.S., La Alhambra, Miriam Torres Mitchell
Oxford, Benton Central H.S., Segovia, Linda Rogers
Pendleton, Pendleton Heights H.S., Quijano, Patricia B. Phelps
Scottsburg, Scottsburg H.S., Emilia Pardo Bazán, Carolyn J. Gray
Shelbyville, Shelbyville Senior H.S., Diego Velázquez, Jerry K. Rice
Bettendorf, St. Katharine's / St. Mark's School, Sancho Panza, Monica Weeks
Cherokee, Washington H.S., Simón Bolívar, Jacquelyn Courtright
Mediapolis, Mediapolis Community H.S., Ruy Díaz, Sheila Wischmeier
Sioux City, East H.S., San Juan de la Cruz, Patricia Alberts / Joan Tozier
Sioux City, West H.S., Gabriela Mistral, Jeanne Trejo
Urbandale, Urbandale H.S., José Martí, Sherry L. Dogruyusever
STATE DIRECTOR: DONNA MERCHANT GLESSNER, Wichita H.S., 5301 N. Hillside, Wichita 67219
Kansas City, Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, Martín Fierro, Ruth S. Campos
Olathe, Olathe North H.S., Las Meninas, Judi Landis
Olathe, Olathe South H.S., Isabel Allende, S. K. Camber / A. Dresel
Shawnee Mission, S.M. East H.S., María Alvarado, Sheryl D. Chamberlain
Wichita, Wichita H.S. East, Gabriel García Márquez, Dave Shelly
Wichita, Wichita H.S. Heights, Lope de Vega, Donna Merchant Glessner
STATE DIRECTOR: BETH GAUNCE, Sayre School, 194 N. Limestone, Lexington, 40507
Ashland, Paul G. Blazer H.S., Vicente Aleixandre, Susan B. Stucker
Barbourville, Knox Central H.S., Gabriel García Márquez, Celina Betancourt
Bardstown, Bardstown H.S., Conquistadora, Carla N. Evans
Covington, Notre Dame Academy, Benito Juárez, Tess Hollingsworth
Fort Campbell, Fort Campbell H.S., Octavio Paz, Kathy D. Carver
Frankfort, Frankfort H.S., El Cid, Michelle L. Coomer
Frankfort, Franklin County H.S., Cervantes, Barbara Geohegan
Frankfort, Western Hills H.S., El Greco, Pamela S. Wink
Glasgow, Barren County H.S., Alfonso el Sabio, Joan Coomer
Hebron, Conner H.S., Luis Palés Matos, Lynn Mays
Independence, Simon Kenton H.S., Juan Carlos de Borbón y Borbón, Carolyn Smith
Lawrenceburg, Anderson County H.S., Emiliano Zapata, Sylvia Hensley
Lexington, Bryan Station Sr. H.S., Pablo Neruda, Sandra Araneda
Lexington, Lafayette H.S., Unamuno, Marcia S. Miller
Lexington, Lexington Catholic H.S., Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Tamara Weldon
Lexington, Paul Lawrence Dunbar H.S., Blasco Ibáñez, Vickie Alsina
Lexington, Sayre School, Víctor Jara, Bonnie A. Seay
Louisville, Assumption H.S., Machado, Joy Moeller Lagerstrom
Louisville, Kentucky Country Day School, Ana María Matute, Amparo J. Roelofsen
Louisville, Louisville Male H.S., Alumnos Honorarios, Ruth Pascual Frost [933]
Louisville, Sacred Heart Academy, Santiago de Compostela, D. Buchenberger / L. Hays
Louisville, Trinity H.S., San Juan de la Cruz, Donald Switzer
Paducah, Paducah Tilghman H.S., Rubén Darío, Karen Bell
Park Hills, Notre Dame Academy, Benito Juárez, Christine Mencer
Paris, Bourbon Co. H.S., José Martí, Lydia Marie Lovell
Princeton, Caldwell Co. H.S., Velázquez, Dianne Hollamon
Richmond, Madison Central H.S., Ortega y Gassett, Elmer Thomas
Shelbyville, Shelby County H.S., Frida Kahlo, Staci Eddleman
Somerset, Southwestern H.S., Los Sabios, Marla Smith-Galán
Stanford, Lincoln Co. H.S., Gabiela Mistral, Phyllis S. Emerson
Union, Larry A. Ryle H.S., Lope de Vega, Constance G. Kepf
Versailles, Woodford Co. H.S., Horacio Quiroga, Cassie E Padgett
STATE DIRECTOR: LORETTA RICHMOND, Archbishop Chapelle H.S., 8800 Veterans Blvd. Metaire 70002
Baton Rouge, Robert E. Lee H.S., Los Rebeldes, Holly Kramer Andrews
Baton Rouge, University High-LSU, Lazarillo, Jeanne Jendrzejewski
Marrero, John Ehret H.S., Alejo Carpentier, Susan Noguez
New Orleans, Jesuit H.S., San Ignacio de Loyola, Bonnie L. DeLatte
New Orleans, McMain Magnet Secondary School, El Cid, Marc Meneghini
New Orleans, Mt. Carmel Academy, La Sociedad Cervantina de Monte Carmelo, Judi Farrelly
STATE DIRECTOR: LOUIS F. DAPAS, Windham H.S., 406 Gray, Windham 04062
Brunswick, Brunswick H.S., Los Aztecas, Leonard E Moreau
Cumberland Center, Greely H.S., Antonio Machado, Grace Leavitt
Dexter, Dexter Regional H.S., Chichen Itza, Cheryl B. Balsley
Eliot, Marshwood H.S., Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Clorinda Schenck
Gorham, Gorham H.S., Goya, Deborah Couture Roy
Orono, Orono H.S., Benito Pérez Galdós, María R. Fuentes
So. Berwick, Berwick Academy, Don Quijote, Lynn H. Gass
So. Portland, South Portland H.S., El Cid, Jeanne O. Crocker
Standish, Bonny Eagle H.S., Amado Nervo, Elba Parr
Westbrook, Westbrook H.S., Carlos Fuentes, Bradley Snow
Windham, Windham H.S., Andrés Segovia, Louis F. Dapas
STATE DIRECTOR: VICTOR J. CORBIN, Mt. St. Joseph H.S., 4403 Frederick Rd., Baltimore 21229
Aberdeen, Aberdeen H.S., Los Voladores, Diann Stormer
Baltimore, Baltimore Catholic H.S., El Greco, Martha Marafioti
Baltimore, Institute of Notre Dame, La Rosa Blanca, Belén E. Schettini
Baltimore, Mt. Saint Joseph H.S., Tirso de Molina, Victor Corbin
Baltimore, Roland Park Country School, Rigoberta Menchú, Loretta S. Prevas
Bel Air, Bel Air H.S., Isabel Allende, Melynda Velez / Jan Good
Bel Air, John Carroll School, Francisco Goya, Jane E. Michael
Bethesda, Walter Johnson H.S., Unamuno, Jandy G. Blaine
Bowie, Bowie H.S., Carmen Laforet, Kathryn B. Moffett
Brooklandville, Maryvale Preparatory, Torres Grises, Lisa María Fraguada
Brooklandville, The St. Paul's Schools, Altamira, Karen S. Miller
Capitol Heights, Central H.S., Julio Cortázar, Jane A. Addeo
Clinton, Surrattsville H.S., Nicolás Guillen, Sharon Dyrland
Cumberland, Bishop Walsh Middle / High S., Carmen Conde, Sr. Rosemary Van Ausdale, O.S.U.
Edgewood, Edgewood H.S., Babieca, Sherry L. Grant
Elkton, Elkton H.S., La Academia Española, Ruth K. Kreider
Ellicott City, Mt. Hebron H.S., Ana María Matute, Deborah Doyle
Forestville, Bishop McNamara H.S., Bartolomé de las Casas, Marilyn H. Wockley
Forestville, Suitland Senior H.S., La Tertulia, Melissa Zentz
Fort Washington, Friendly H.S., César Chávez, [934] Leslie J. Lumpkin
Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg H.S., Benito Pérez Galdós, R.L. Duke
Gaithersburg, Quince Orchard H.S., Alejandro Casona, Paula P. Rosenthal
Gaithersburg, Watkins Mill H.S., Marcelino Pan y Vino, Diane L. Karlik
Germantown, Seneca Valley H.S., Cristóbal de Villalón, Christine McCormick
Greenbelt, Eleanor Roosevelt H.S., Concha Espina, Hannah Gershon
Joppa, Joppatowne H.S., Francisco Pizarro, Angela Spinner
Kensington, Academy of the Holy Cross, Santa Teresa de Jesús, Robert Campuzano
Lanham, Du Val H.S., Rubén Darío, Marilyn Pula
Laurel, Laurel H.S., Gregorio López y Fuentes, Margaret Benner
Laurel, St. Vincent Pallotti H.S., Alfonso Reyes, Sandra Bock
Oxon Hill, Oxon Hill Senior H.S., Gabriela Mistral, Felipe Abbott
Riverdale, Parkdale H.S., Horacio Quiroga, Audrey Haber
Rockville, Charles E. Smith / Jewish Day School, Don Isaac Abravanel, Iris Tishkoff
Rockville, Rockville H.S., Dalí, Lona Crist
Sandy Spring, Sherwood H.S., Gabriel García Márquez, Silvia Switzer
Severna Park, Severn School, Simón Bolívar, Claudia McLaughlin
Timonium, Dulaney H.S., Barcelona, Robert P. Smith
Towson, Notre Dame Preparatory School, Bécquer, Jacqueline K. Brehm
STATE DIRECTOR: ROBERT H. HARTLEY, Seekonk H.S., Arcade Ave., Seekonk, 02771
Acton, Acton Boxborough Regional H.S., Ernesto Sábato, Susan M. Serris
Attleboro, Attleboro H.S., Dorado, Maurice A. Camiré
Attleboro, Bishop Feehan H.S., Juan Carlos I, Joan Drobnis
Braintree, Braintree H.S., García Lorca, Lynn Menovich / Patricia T Smith
Cambridge, Matignon H.S., Santa Teresa de Jesús, Carol R. Brooks
Chelmsford, Chelmsford H.S., Benito Juárez, Cynthia Tonrey
Danvers, Danvers H.S., La Gaviota, Jeanne F. Jacobs
Danvers, St. John's Preparatory, El Caballo Oscuro, Patrick J. Henaghan
Dracut, Dracut H.S., Sancho Panza, Therese Przybyla
Fall River, Bishop Connolly H.S., Prince Henry, Carole Cordeiro
Hingham, Notre Dame Academy, María, Linda Ripley
Holden, Washusett Regional H.S., Ruy Díaz, Lisa A. Fornier
Hopkinton, Hopkinton Middle / High School, Marco Denevi, Sharon R. Baldwin
Jamaica Plain, English H.S., Miguel Ángel Asturias, Eduardo Rojas
Kingston, Sacred Heart H.S., Rocinante, Susan S. Julien
Mansfield, Mansfield H.S., Gabriela Mistral, Diane L. Jackson
Medfield, Medfield H.S., Luciano Francisco Comella, Robert Santoro
Methuen, Methuen H.S., Mariano Larra, Cynthia A. Wilcock
Needham, St. Sebastian Country Day School, Pablo Neruda, Elaine Schwimmer
Northfield, Pioneer Valley Regional H.S., Ximena Varela, Starr Pinkos
Norton, Norton H.S., Alonso Quijano, Robert P. Maher
Seekonk, Seekonk H.S., Alfonso X, el Sabio, Robert H. Hartley
Somerville, Somerville H.S., Francisco Miranda, Stephanie A. Cuddeback-Salim
Taunton, Coyle and Cassidy H.S., Archbishop Óscar A. Romero, William J. Breen
Taunton, Coyle and Cassidy H.S., Humberto Cardeal Medeiros, Mary Lou Freitas
West Newbury, Pentucket Regional H.S., Carlos Quinto, Susan E. Kiernan
West Springfield, W. Springfield H.S., Garcilaso de la Vega, Marilyn L. Rossi
Westwood, Westwood H.S., Enrique Granados, Hollis Perry
Winchester, Winchester H.S., José Santos Chocano, Elvira Borsari
Woburn, Woburn H.S., Goya, Carol Caten
Worcester, Bancroft School, Quetzalcoatl, Isabel A. Bayon
Worcester, Doherty H.S., Juan Ramón Jiménez, J.E. Armen
STATE DIRECTOR: PATRICIA FELKE, Cassopolis H.S., Diamond Cove Rd., Cassopolis 49031
Ann Arbor, Greenhills School, Gabriela Mistral, María Paz Salas
Ann Arbor, Pioneer H.S., Benito Juárez, Diane Kalata
Berkley, Berkley H.S., Cristóbal Colón, Laura [935] Yáñez de León
Bloomfield Hills, Marian H.S., Lorca, Barbara Keller
Buchanan, Buchanan H.S., Diego Rivera, Jacquelyn Mefford
Burr Oak, Burr Oak H.S., Pablo Neruda, Joan E. Begeman
Cassopolis, Cassopolis Ross Beaty H.S., Lope de Vega, Patricia A. Felke
Farmington Hills, Mercy H.S., Darío, M.A.
Polakowski / V. Sinutko
Gladstone, Gladstone H.S., Óscar Hijuelos, Michele Kenville Miller
Grosse Point Woods, University Liggett School, El Cid, Lauree A. Emery
Hartland, Hartland H.S., José Hernández, Catherine Hellmuth
Holly, Holly H.S., Quevedo, Flora María Ciccone
Inkster, Inkster H.S., Carlos Terán, C. Yvonne Karl
Lansing, Waverly H.S., Los Guerreros, Suzanne S. Tomlinson
Marcellus, Marcellus H.S., Paciencia Lope-Blanche, Karl R. Crisler
New Buffalo, New Buffalo H.S., Cervantes, Deborah J. Brooks
Niles, Brandywine H.S., José Martí, Sarah E. Essex
Northville, Northville H.S., Príncipe de Asturias, Emily Serafa Manschot
Okemos, Okemos H.S., Octavio Paz, Marylyn Bernard
Richland, Gull Lake H.S., Antonio Machado, Marcia L. Wilbur
St. Clair Shores, Lakeview H.S., Jorge Manrique, Elaine C. Hazel
Wayne, Wayne Memorial H.S., Quetzal, Lynne Elsesser
STATE DIRECTOR: T.H. BAMBENEK / R. NIELSEN, Hastings Sr. H.S., Hastings 55033
Fridley, Fridley H.S., Amigos de Quijote, Adele Gorman Munsterman
Hastings, Hastings H.S., Quijote, Rochelle R. Nielsen
Minnetonka, Minnetonka H.S., Azorín, Louise S. Miles
New Hope, Robbinsdale Cooper H.S., Cristóbal Colón, Elizabeth Anne McCabe
Plymouth, Armstrong H.S., El Quetzal, Carol Sherry
Roseville, Concordia Academy, Borges, Abdela Serrano
STATE DIRECTOR: LAUREN BEARDEN, Columbus H.S., 820 N. Browder St., Columbus 39702
Amory, Amory H.S., Diego Velázquez, Mario Ortiz
Bay St. Louis, St. Stanislaus H.S., Gayoso, Thomas E. Ackerman
Columbus, Columbus H.S. East, Los Peregrinos, Lauren Bearden
Columbus, New Hope H.S., Los Troyanos, Hope Friesen
Hattiesburg, Oak Grove H.S., Malaqueña, Annie Richerson
Jackson, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, La Mancha, Farrell Payne
Kiln, Hancock H.S., Benito Juárez, Rose L. Lyons
Laurel, West Jones H.S., Benito Pérez Galdós, Christa M. Taylor
Long Beach, Long Beach H.S., Príncipe de Asturias, Margaret Blount
Magnolia, South Pike H.S., José Martí, Luis F. Paredes
Meridian, Clarkdale Attendance Center, Lope de Vega, Inez C. Storr
Meridian, Southeast Lauderdale Attendance Ctr. Rubén Darío, Beth Calderón
Ocean Springs, St. Martin H.S., Octavio Paz, Gayle L. Greene-Aguirre
Tupelo, Tupelo H.S., Gabriela Mistral, Josefina Rayburn
Wiggins, Stone H.S., Pablo Picasso, Hedy W. Eaves
STATE DIRECTOR: CHARLOTTE A. HILL, Fort Osage HS., 2101 N. Twyman Rd., Independence,64058
Ballwin, Lafayette Sr. H.S., Siquieros, Theresa R. Gornet
Columbia, David H, Hickman H.S., El Cid, Linda Trogdon / Virginia Huckla
Columbia, Rock Bridge H.S., Los Pícaros, Barbara Phillips
Fenton, Rockwood Summit H.S., Alfonso el Sabio, Teresa L. Smith Keller
Florissant, Hazelwood Central H.S., Dalí, Traci Jo Williams
Florissant, McCluer H.S., Óscar Arias, Christine Ramspott
Independence, Win. Chrisman H.S., El Cordobés, Pam Diecidue / Nanette Smith
Independence, Truman H.S., Abelardo Díaz Alfaro, Christine Hile
Jefferson, Jefferson City H.S., Pancho Villa, Charlotte H. D. Joyce [936]
Liberty, Liberty Senior H.S., Velázquez, Winona Gasswint
Manchester, Parkway South H.S., Los Patriotas, James W. Cooper
Overland, Ritenour H.S., Doña Marina, Donna Mabrey-Lowry
St. Louis, Mehlville Sr. H.S., José Martí, J. Westrich
St. Louis, Principia Upper School, Borges, Margaret Lippert
St. Louis, Rosati-Kain H.S., Isabel la Católica, Betsey B. Anderson
St. Louis, Vianney H.S., Don Quijote, Judith H. O'Connell
STATE DIRECTOR: VELDA HUGHES, Bryan Sr. H.S., 4700 Giles Rd., Omaha 68157
Fremont, Fremont Senior H.S., Teotihuacán, Marilyn Gordon
Ogallala, Ogallala Senior H.S., Picasso, Le Ann Ayres
Omaha, Creighton Preparatory School, San Ignacio de Loyola, J. Michael Herrington
Omaha, DanielJ. Gross H.S., Ana María Matute, Lynn S. Liedle
Omaha, Marian H.S., Santa Teresa de Jesús, Barbara J. Troyer
Omaha, Omaha South H.S., José Martí, Joanne F. Sokalsky
Las Vegas, The Meadows School, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Linda Rossman
Henderson, Green Valley H.S., Matute, Ileana R. Donley
STATE DIRECTOR JEAN MONROE FARRELL, Sanborn Regional H.S., Church St., Kingston, 03848
Dover, St. Thomas Aquinas School, Calderón de la Barca, Carol Birch
Durham, Oyster River H.S., Mariano Azuela, Joan M. Schaeffer / G. B. Gibson
Exeter, Exeter Area H.S., Azorín, Wendy Passero
Kingston, Sanborn Regional H.S., Federico García Lorca, Jean M. Farrell
Londondery, Londondery H.S., La Rosa Blanca, Gloria Goudreau
Manchester, Manchester Central H.S., Gaudí, Barbara Clapp
Nashua, Bishop Guertin H.S., Ibarbourou-Quevedo y Villegas, Ana María Andrada
Nashua, Nashua H.S., Pedro Salinas, Irene C. Oliveira
Plaistow, Timberlane Regional H.S., Garcilaso de la Vega, Giulio P. Binaghi
Salem, Salem H.S., Julio Camba, Kathleen Zajac Steers
STATE DIRECTOR: NANCY MANGER, VOorhees H.S., Rt. 513, Glenn Gardner 08826
Allentown, Allentown H.S., Maimónides, Patricia Sweeney
Annandale, North Hunterdon H.S., Lazarillo, Paya Vaimberg
Audubon, Audubon H.S., La Ola Verde, Teresa E. D'Aprile
Basking Ridge, Ridge H.S., El Juglar Anónimo, Francesco Pagano
Bayonne, Marist H.S., Jorge Manrique, Russ Holtz
Bell Mead, Hillsborough Twp. H.S., Cervantina, Andrea Wendler
Bellmar, St. Rose H.S., Santa Rosa, Jo Ann Ali
Bergenfield, Bergenfield H.S., Fernando de Rojas, Jesús Meana
Berkley Heights, Gov. Livingston Reg. H.S., Amado Nervo, Tina Tripodi
Blackwood, Highland Regional H.S., Juan Goytisolo, Diana L. Tweed
Bound Brook, Bound Brook H.S., Hernán Cortés, Mary R. Fuentes
Butler, Butler H.S., España en el Corazón, Connie Cannataro
Cedar Grove, Cedar Grove H.S., La Rambla, Mickey D'Alessandro
Chatham, Chatham H.S., Baldomero Lillo, Douglas C. Otte
Cherry Hill, Camden Catholic H.S., San Pedro de Alcántara, Barbara A. Esposito
Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill H.S. West, Quiroga-Cortázar, Teresita López
Chester, West Morris Central H.S., Chimborazo, Beverly L. Lynch
Clark, Arthur L. Johnson Regional H.S., Rubén Darío, Linda C. Osborne
Clifton, Clifton H.S., Nueva Ola, Nancy Ressetar
Collingswood, Collingswood H.S., La Gitanilla, A. Micela / D. Holzman
Colonia, Colonia H.S., Rosalía de Castro, Susan Wernersbach
Columbus, Northern Burlington County Reg. H.S., Sancho Panza, Harry Foster
Convent Station, Academy of St. Elizabeth, Horacio Quiroga, Bella Nathan
Cranford, Cranford H.S., José María Pereda, Donato N. Zoppi [937]
Demarest, Academy of the Holy Angels, Guadalupe, Sr. Carole Tabano, SSND
East Brunswick, East Brunswick H.S., Gabriel García Márquez, Hilda A. Spevack
East Rutherford, Becton Regional H.S., La Alhambra, Louise Clarke
Edison, Bishop Ahr H.S., Luis de G6ngora, Carmen L. Fern6ndez-Feito
Edison, Edison H.S., Benito Pérez Galdós, Paula Spitz
Edison, John R Stevens H.S., Jorge Luis Borges, Judith Kennedy
Elmwood Park, Elmwood Park Memorial H.S., El Clarín, Milagros A. Rodríguez
Fair Lawn, Fair Lawn H.S., Siqueiros, Carole DeRoberto
Farmingdale, Howell H.S., Francisco Goya, Diana L. Chase
Flanders, Mt. Olive H.S., Amigos de los Quintero, James McLeod
Flemington, Hunterdon Central H.S., Alarcón, Lynn Luster
Franklin Lakes, Ramapo H.S., Andrés Bello, María C. Beck
Freehold, Freehold H.S., Estrellas del Sur, Donna Batchelor
Glen Gardner, Voorhees H.S., Francisco Pizarro, Nancy C. Manger
Hackensack, Hackensack H.S., Salvador Dalí, Fred Decter
Haddon Township, Paul VI H.S., La Macarena, Donna Colliton-Castle
Haddonfield, Haddonfield Memorial H.S., Alejo Carpentier, Henry A Silver
Hamilton, Hamilton H.S. West, Una Poca de Gracia, Roberta Schectel
Hawthorne, Hawthorne H.S. Juan Carlos I, Virginia T González
Holmdel, Holmdel H.S., Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Susan Kazala
Iselin, John F. Kennedy Mem. H.S., Ponce de León, Blanquita B. Valenti
Jackson, Jackson Mem. H.S., De Oro, Anne M. West
Jersey City, Academy of St. Aloysius, Abel Sánchez, Carmen A. Avena
Jersey City, St. Peter's Preparatory School, San Ignacio de Loyola, Ana J. García
Kearny, Kearny H.S., Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Cynthia Gail Rose
Kinnelon, Kinnelon H.S., La Celestina, Rene F. Ruiz
Lakewood, Lakewood H.S., San Martín, Susan D. MacFarland
Leonia, Leonia H.S., Plácido Domingo, A. Irene Greenberg
Lincroft, Christian Brothers Academy, Los Caballeros Andantes, Alicia E Ver Hoven
Little Silver, Red Bank Regional H.S., Garcilaso de la Vega, Jean Dacey
Livingston, Livingston H.S., Pablo Casals, Natalie R. Gordon
Madison, Madison H.S., Mario Vargas Llosa, Catherine C. Gotliffe
Mahwah, Mahwah H.S., La Mancha, Gumersindo Plasencia
Manabawkin, Southern Regional H.S., Calderón de la Barca, Michele Carillo
Manalapan, Manalapan H.S., Don Juan Manuel, Cathy L. Stelzner
Marlboro, Marlboro H.S., Fuente de la Juventud, Linda Cutchall
Marlton, Cherokee H.S., Balboa, Pola Wang
Matawan, Old Bridge H.S. East Campus, Los Reyes Católicos, Pamela Glinka
Mendham, West Morris Mendham H.S., Los Patriotas, Diane Benwell
Metuchen, Metuchen H.S., Platero, Janice Dirmeitis
Metuchen, St. Joseph's H.S., El Cid, Ana Rocci
Middletown, Middletown H.S. North, Murillo, Jeanine Valenti
Middletown, Middletown H.S. South, Lazarillo de Tormes, Ileana Larrauri
Midland Park, Midland Park H.S., Reina Isabel, Teresa Isik
Millville, Millville Sr. H.S., El Relámpago, Deborah Gant
Monmouth, So. Brunswick H.S., El Cordobés, Carol L. Atlas
Montclair, Immaculate Conception H.S., Inmaculada Concepción, María Ilaria
Montclair, Montclair H.S., La Fuente Panamericana, María Francisca
Moorestown, Moorestown Friends School, La Generación del 98, Stephanie D. Hockensmith
Morristown, Morristown H.S., Macondo, Rosalie Grabell
Morristown, Villa Walsh Academy, Andalucía, Sr. Josephine Palmeri
Mountain Lakes, Mountain Lakes H.S., Camilo José Cela, David W. Stein
Mount Holly, Rancocas Valley Reg. H.S., Raúl Julia, S Araujo, D. Hackett, and J Mararese
New Milford, New Milford H.S., Pío Baroja, Amy Solimano
Newton, Newton H.S., Ariel, Nancy D'Ambrosio
North Arlington, North Arlington H.S., Juan Rulfo, Angélica Noda
North Arlington, Queen of Peace H.S., Alfonso X, Victor M. Gándara
North Brunswick, No. Brunswick Twp. H.S., [938] Manuel Machado, Rosaria Certo
North Caldwell, West Essex H.S., Moctezuma, Corielle Vogel
North Plainfield, North Plainfield H.S., Juan de Pareja, Robert Kelso
Oakland, Indian Hills H.S., Antonio Maceo, Miriam Speight
Oak Ridge, Jefferson Twp. H.S., Carlos V, Sally Masone
Oradell, Bergen Catholic H.S., Andrés Segovia, John G. Pawlyk
Oradell, River Dell Regional H.S., Mariano Azuela, Helen Calcines
Paramus, Paramus H.S., Joan Miró, Catherine A. Zazzali
Parlin, Sayreville War Memorial H.S., La Esperanza, Christine Kwiatkowski
Parsippany, Parsippany H.S., ACELERA, Ann Moran
Pennsauken, Bishop Eustace Prep. School, San Vicente Pallotti, Margaret Collier
Pennsauken, Pennsauken H.S., Ayala, Thomas J. Roan
Pleasantville, Egg Harbor Township H.S., Aguila, Karen Terry
Pompton Plains, Pequannock Twp. H.S., José Antonio, Angela Teta Kohle
Princeton, Princeton H.S., Luis Buñuel, Michael J. Carlo
Princeton Junction, West Windsor Plainsboro H.S., Julia de Burgos, I. Colella / N. Koricki
Richland, St. Augustine Preparatory, San Agustín, Dorothy M. House
Ridgefield Park, Ridgefield Park H.S., Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Rachele Farnum
Rockaway, Morris Hills H.S., Simon Bolívar, Angela E. Smalley
Rockaway, Morris Knolls H.S., Versos Sencillos, Barbara O'Mahen
Roselle, Roselle Catholic H.S., Alberto Blest Gana, Elaine Figueiredo
Rumson, Rumson-Fair Haven Reg. H.S., Laura Esquivel, Doreen C. Barca
Rutherford, Rutherford H.S., Ernesto Sábato, Edwin Rentel
Rutherford, St. Mary H.S., Rocinante, Kim Dorsey
Saddle River, Saddle River Day School, Arco Iris, Lucille Mazarin
Sandy Hook, The Marine Academy of Science & Tech., Alma de España, Rosa Senos
Scotch Plains, Union Catholic Regional H.S., Antonio de Nebrija, Bruce Zehnle
Seabrook, Cumberland Regional H.S., Melibea, Barbara A. Hetherington
Somerdale, Sterling H.S., Marco Denevi, Valerie Misad-Paranzino
Somerset, Rutgers Prep. School, La Casa de Bernarda Alba, B. Hernández-Shore
Somerville, Immaculata H.S., Ramón del Valle Inclán, Joann E. Sullivan
South Amboy, St. Mary Regional H.S., Ortega y Gasset, Sr. Esther A. Hernández, R.S.M.
South Orange, Marylawn H.S., Ávila, Martha Luna-García
South Plainfield, So. Plainfield H.S., Ernest Hemingway, Susan Goldey
Sparta, Sparta Sr. H.S., Los Espartanos, Joseph R. Mulford
Spotswood, Spotswood H.S., La Antorcha, Barbara J. Trimboli
Stanhope, Lenape Valley Regional H.S., Gabriela Mistral, Sharon G. Mullen
Succasunna, Roxbury H.S., Juana la Loca, Cheryl Riley
Summit, Kent Place School, Serafín y Joaquín Álvarez Quintero, Josefina I. Citarella
Summit, Summit H.S., Gerardo Diego, Joan Papio
Tinton Falls, Monmouth Regional H.S., Alfonsina Storni, Ina Gurman
Tinton Falls, Ranney School, Nuevo Mundo, Ivonne R. Vanderbilt
Toms River, Toms River H.S. East, Quetzalcoatl, Cheryll L. Quinlan
Union, Union H.S., La Rosa Blanca, Gary Hayden
Union City, Emerson H.S., Forjadores de América, Antonio A. Acosta
Union City, Union Hill H.S., El Apóstol Martí, Asterio Velasco
Vernon, Vernon Twp. H.S., La Alianza Vernónica, Janet Kleedorfer / Vito Galad
Verona, Verona H.S., La Edad de Oro, María J. Lanahan
Vineland, Sacred Heart H.S., Sagrado Corazón, Sr. Inez Patricia Campbell
Vineland, Vineland H.S., Campeadores, Caroline Valentino
Voorhees, Eastern Camden Co. Reg. Sr. H.S., Pelayo, Susan M. Allen
Wanaque, Lakeland Regional H.S., Alonso Quijano, Joan Konecny
Watchung, Mt. Saint Mary Academy, Miguel Ángel Asturias, Sr. Veronica Pfeffer
Wayne, Wayne Hills H.S., Sansón Carrasco, Paulette Mongiardo
West Milford, West Milford Township H.S., El Greco, Kathryn Holley
West Orange, Seton Hall Preparatory School, Hidalgo de la Mancha, Carole L. Marazzi
W. Orange, West Orange H.S., Diego Velázquez, [939] Alvin Lubiner
Westfield, Westfield H.S., Pensativa, Suzanne Jacobus Petix
Westmont, Haddon Township H.S., García Lorca, Pamela A. Maier
Westwood, Immaculate Heart Academy, Reina Sofía, Elisa Randazzo
Woodbridge, Woodbridge H.S., Justo Uribe Viqueras, Lynne Haley
Albuquerque, Cibola H.S., Las Siete Ciudades de Cibola, Grace Kearney
Albuquerque, La Cueva H.S., Altamira, Betty Kaniho
Albuquerque, Del Norte H.S., Sabine R. Ulibarrí, Elaine Alarid
Albuquerque, Highland H.S., Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, Martha Heard
Albuquerque, Manzano H.S., Ramón Sender, Linda L. Vigil
Albuquerque, Sandía Preparatory School, Don Quijote de la Mancha, Mary Jo Ramos
Albuquerque, Sandía H.S., Manolete, M. Gallemore / L. Williams
Albuquerque, West Mesa H.S., Carmen Gaite, Peggy Baldassarre-McLoughlin
Anthony, Gadsden H.S., Moctezuma, Horacio G. Ortega
Las Cruces, Oñate H.S., Caballeros Ilustres de Oñate, Bertha Luján
STATE DIRECTOR: Marie Lamnbert
Amherst, Sweet Home Sr. H.S., Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Judith B. Cross
Baldwin, Baldwin Senior H.S., Bernardo O'Higgins, Leslie Wecksler
Bardonia, Albertus Magnus H.S., Mallorca, Diane McCarthy
Bellmore, W.C. Mepham H.S., Julia de Burgos, Lewis J. Serra
Bohemia, Connetquot H.S., Laura Esquivel, Marie M. Brett
Brentwood, Academy of St. Joseph, La Sevillana, Dianne A. Mills
Briarwood, Archbishop Molloy H.S., Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Bro. James Vagan, F.M.S.
Broadalbin, Broadalbin-Perth CentralSchool, Amado Nervo, Lorraine M. Porter
Bronx, Academy of Mt. St. Ursula, Alegría, Sr. María Rosa Deiso, O.S.U.
Bronx, Aquinas H.S., La Macarena, Sr. Catherine Viggiano
Bronx, St. Barnabas H.S., Fray Luis de León, Elizabeth Elsayed
Brookhaven, Bellport H.S., Heredia, Brenda Lesnick
Brooklyn, Clara Barton H.S., Pablo Picasso, Pola Bradman
Carle Place, Carle Place H.S., Cristóbal Colón, Amelia Avellaneda
Carmel, Carmel H.S., Robert P Reddy, Linda R. Forman
Cedarhurst, HAFTR H.S., HAFTR, Debra I. Robbins
Cedarhurst, Lawrence H.S., La Nueva Generación, María Davicino
Centereach, Centereach H.S., José Martí, Aurora Dennis
College Point, St. Agnes Academic School, Santa Rosa de Lima, Sr. Theresa McDermott
Corinth, Corinth Central H.S., El Sabio, Lisa A.H. Wells
Dix Hills, Half Hollow Hills H.S. West, Roberto Clemente, Joan Simon
Dix Hills, Half Hollow Hills H.S. East, Archer Huntington, Elvira Hoops
Dobbs Ferry, Dobbs Ferry H.S., Los Caudillos, Sheila Carlin
Dobbs Ferry, Our Lady of Victory Academy, Nuestra Sra. de la Victoria, Carole Fay
East Chester, Eastchester H.S., El Aguila, Irene Pantages
East Elmhurst, Msgr. McClancy Memorial H.S., Garcilaso de la Vega, Robert G. Hobdy
Fairport, Fairport H.S., Padre de las Casas, Dennis James Lavoie
Fresh Meadows, St. Francis Prep. H.S., Señora de los Ángeles, Ronacher / Argüeso / Janda /Vásquez
Garden City, Garden City H.S., Puerta del Sol, Marie G. Nuzzi
Goshen, Goshen H.S., Celestina, Helen Lamison
Greenlawn, Harborfields H.S., Salvador Dalí, Therese Kennedy
Harrison, Harrison H.S., San Fermín, Teresa Seubert / Philip J. Wax Jr.
Hartsdale, María Regina H.S., Las Chicas de la Mancha, Sr. Ruth McDonnell
Henrietta, Rush-Henrietta Sr. H.S., Moctezuma, Ann R. Brown
Hicksville, Hicksville Senior H.S., Agustina de Aragón, Linda R. Weinfeld
Hicksville, Holy Trinity Diocesan H.S., Amalia L. Sammartano, Stefani R. Gregory
Huntington, Huntington H.S., Marco Denevi, Viviane Kirsch
Huntington Station, Walt Whitman H.S., Los Hidalgos, Aileen Abraldes
Jamaica, Jamaica H.S., Placido Domingo, Ada [940] Suárez
Jeffersonville, Jeffersonville-Youngsville Cent. School, M. Ángel Asturias, Frances T Mège
Jericho, Jericho H.S., Moises Maimónides, Felipe Mercado
Katonah, John Jay H.S., Ana María Matute, Karen Brilliant
Lake George, Lake George Jr / Sr H.S., Reina Sofía, Jennifer L. Pearson
Lake Ronkonkoma, Sachem H.S., Amadís de Gaula, Christina Failla
Lancaster, Lancaster H.S., La Alternativa, Dorothy E. Sheldon
Levittown, Division Avenue H.S., Juan Rulfo, Michele R. Ortiz
Lincolndale, Somers H.S., Los Neoyorquinos, Patricia A. Mery-Trovato
Locust Valley, Portledge School, Jorge Luis Borges, Steven A. Gray
Manhasset, Manhasset H.S., Los Quijanos, Marie Livesay
Massena, Massena H.S., Doña Jimena, Susan J. Bellor
Mexico, Mexico Academy & Central School, Don Juan, Rita Soto
Miller Place, Miller Place H.S., Iberia, Ann Henry
Montgomery, Valley Central H.S., Los Conquistadores, Gonzalo Quintana
Newark, Newark H.S., Luis Muñoz Rivera, Dominic Basso
Newburgh, Newburgh Free Academy, Alfonso X, Florence A. Ferguson
New Rochelle, Iona Preparatory, Roger Romeo, Bro. G.M. Gaffney, CFC
New Rochelle, New Rochelle H.S., El Greco, Jaime A. Begazo
New Rochelle, Blessed Sacrement-St. Gabriel H.S., Raúl Julia, Ramonita Velázquez
New York, Albertus Magnus H.S., Mallorca, Jorge Jondee
New York, Ramaz School, Moisés ben Maimón, Dr. Joan Warshall
New York, Stuyvesant H.S., Severo Ochoa, Juan S. Méndez
North Massapequa, Plainedge H.S., Juan Ramón Jiménez, Lorraine M. Berger
Upper Nyack, Nyack H.S., Ángel del Río, María Paz Coffinet
Old Westbury, The Wheatley School, Los Salaos, Gloria C. Oliver
Oystser Bay, St. Dominic H.S., Juana de Ibarbourou, María Segura / Gladys Llanes
Pearl River, Pearl River H.s., Jorge Manrique, Sarah Rivera Berger
Pelham, Pelham Memorial H.S., García Lorca, Genevieve C. Brecktl
Plainview, Old Bethpage & JY Kennedy H.S., Alfonsina Storni-Jacinto Benavente, Zelda Moser
Port Chester, Port Chester Sr. H.S., Lope de Vega, David Terry
Port Jefferson Station, Comsewogue H.S., Unamuno-Mistral, Janet M. Natale
Riverhead, Riverhead H.S., Diego Rivera, Jennifer C. Lidecis
Rochester, East H.S., El Coquí, Frank D. Rossi
Rockville Centre, South Side H.S., Alicante, Mary Ellen Kahn
Salamanca, Salamanca H.S., Los Salamantinos, Carol Anderson
Schenectady, Mohonasen H. S., Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, D. Price
Selden, Newfield H.S., Simón Bolívar, Judith E. Blakeney
Sidney, Sidney H.S., Diego Velázquez, C. Jean Dutcher
Smithtown, Smithtown H.S., Fray Junípero Serra, Ed Dobres / Vin Amato
Smithtown, Smithtown Christian School, La Caridad Cristiana, C. Brown / L. Carey
Spring Valley, Ramapo Senior H.S., Marianela, Norma C. Rodríguez
Spring Valley, Spring Valley Senior H.S., Picaresco, Jeanne E. Arougheti
Staten Island, New Dorp H.S., Los Pícaros, Eleanor Rosenbaum
Staten Island, St. Joseph Hill Academy, Nuestra Señora de Montserratt, Ana Oliva
Staten Island, Staten Island Academy, San Fermín, Guy Hicks
Suffern, Suffern H.S., Los Ingeniosos, John T. McGrath
Syosett, Our Lady of Mercy Academy, Óscar Romero, Mary Bolton
Syosett, Syosett H.S., Pelayo, Linda M. Tiné
Syracuse, Westbill H.S., Perla Panadera, Catherine E Poniatowski
Valley Stream, South H.S., Pablo Casals, June Keller
Victor, Victor H.S., El Hidalgo de la Mancha, Dawn A. Santiago-Marullo
Wantagh, Wantagh H.S., Pío Baroja, Patricia Calosso
Westbury, Westbury H.S., Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Dorie Ciulla
West Islip, St. John the Baptist Diocesan H.S., San Juan Bautista, Jen-Marie Kelly
West Seneca, West Seneca West Sr. H.S., Manolete, Michael J. Bonilla [941]
STATE DIRECTOR: SANDY WILLIAMSON, Chapel Hill H.S., Homestead Rd., Chapel Hill 27514
Albemarle, Albemarle H.S., Santa Teresa de Ávila, Linda M. Harvey
Angier, Harnett Central H.S., Roberto Clemente, Janet J. Godwin
Beulaville, East Duplin H.S., José María Heredia, Bonita G. Cavender
Boonville, Starmount H.S., Los Moruecos, Marcia Payne Wooten
Burlington, Walter Williams H.S., Hernando de Soto, John Temple
Canton, Pisgah H.S., Lazarillo de Tormes, James C. Rochester, Jr.
Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill H.S., Juan Ramón Jiménez, Sandy S. Williamson
Charlotte, Charlotte Catholic H.S., Platero y Yo, Debbie Stathakis
Charlotte, East Mecklenburg H.S., Rubén Darío, Olimpia Díaz
Charlotte, Olympic H.S., Campoamor, Eugene Perry, II
Charlotte, Providence Day School, Miguel de Unamuno, Katy Garman
Charlotte, South Mecklenburg H.S., El Cid, Myrna Miranda Hoffmann
Charlotte, West Mecklenburg H.S., La Virgen de Guadalupe, Susan Webb-Williams
Durham, Hillside H.S., Ortega y Gassett, Lawanda E Lawson
Durham, Jordan H.S., Ricardo Montalbán, Fran Gordon / Nancy Kelly
Durham, Northern H.S., Pablo Neruda, Hilda M. Wrenn
Durham, Riverside H.S., Ricardo Palma, Thomas / Goodwin / Toilo-Ramírez / White
East Bend, Forbush H.S., Jorge Luis Borges, Mitchell H. Hardy
Elan College, Western Alamance H.S., Domingo Sarmiento, Donald Virgil McLeod
Fayetteville, Seventy First H.S., Octavio Paz, C. Villalobos / M. Harris
Four Oaks, South Johnson H.S., Federico García Lorca, Michael Scott Avery
Franklinton, Franklinton H.S., Los Hijos de Don Quijote, Susan Clarke
Greensboro, Ben L. Smith H.S., José Sánchez Boudy, Beatriz A. Manduley
Greenville, J.H. Rose H.S., Los Reyes Católicos, Sandra Stinson
Hamptonville, Starmount H.S., Los Moruecos, Marcia Payne Wooten
Henderson, Northern Vance H.S., Don José Zorrilla, Cuauhtémoc M. Suárez
Hickory, Hickory H.S., Salvador Dalí, Scottie Sue Brittain
Hudson, South Caldwell H.S., Díaz Ordaz, Gladys H. Harrison
Icard, East Burke H.S., Gabriel García Márquez, Laura Ángela Martín
Kinston, Kinston H.S., Fray Luis de León, Carrie R. Witter
Lawndale, Burns Senior H.S., Antonio Machado, Jo Alin F Surratt
Lenoir, West Caldwell H.S., El Dorado, Carol H. Tighe
Lewisville, Forsyth Country Day School, Andalucía, Shannon Rowe
Louisburg, Louisburg H.,S., Ritchi Valens, Alicia Suárez Eller
Monroe, Sun Valley H.S., Alfonsina Storni, Peter Conrad
Raleigh, Needham Broughton H.S., Los Sabios, Jane B. Paige
Raleigh, St. Mary's College (H.S. Div.), Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Karen D. Hillman
Raleigh, Ravenscoft School, Antonio Buero Vallejo, Catherine S. Meisel-Valdez
Ramseur, Eastern Randolph H.S., Gregorio López y Fuentes, Sonya S. Hinshaw
Tarboro, Tarboro H.S., Francisco Goya, Patricia M. Miller
Wake Forest, Wake Forest-Rolesville H.S., Chi chi Rodríguez, Sylvia Thomas
Winston-Salem, Carver H.S., Luis Palés Matos, Cynthia L. Olsen
Winston-Salem, Mt. Tabor H.S., Don Juan, Judi A. Dean
Winston-Salem, North Forsyth H.S., Manuel de Falla, Elsa A. Hampton
Winston-Salem, Salem Academy, Ana María Matute, Vivian Turnau
STATE DIRECTOR: SUSAN CALLAHAN, 359 West 15th St., Grafton, 58237
Grafton, Grafton H.S., Cervantes, Susan Callahan
STATE DIRECTOR: SANDRA CHRISTMAN, Chillicothe H.S., 381 Yoctangee Pky, Chillicothe 45601
Ashtabula, Edgewood Sr. H.S., Borges, Steven R. Farr
Barnesville, Barnesville H.S., Monterroso, Marilyn Mendelson
Belpre, Belpre H.S., Aguilas de Oro, Kathleen A. George
Beverly, Fort Frye H.S., El Cordobés, Larry Moegling [942]
Bowling Green, Bowling Green H.S., Carlos V, Amaline T Stephan
Bridgeport, Bridgeport H.S., Benito Juárez, Lynn E. Moore
Brookville, Brookville H.S., Francisco García Pavón, Kenneth W. Mosier
Bucyrus, Wynford H.S., Francisco Pizarro, Jerry L. West
Burton, Berkshire H.S., Rigoberta Menchú, Marilyn Bottger
Centerville, Centerville H.S., Asturias, Ted A. Frederick
Chillicothe, Chillicothe H.S., Los Caballeros Andantes, Sandra K. Christman
Chillicothe, Unioto H.S., La Pandilla, Judith S. Bennett
Cincinnati, Colerain Senior H.S., Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar-El Cid, Paula Fernández de Dunn
Cincinnati, Finneytown H.S., Tonantzín, Bethany Lowrey
Cincinnati, Indian Hill H.S., Cerro Indio, Linda Van Derbech
Cincinnati, McAuley H.S., José María Heredia, Carol Ann Seissiger
Cincinnati, Moeller H.S., Los Cruzados, Elena D. Keyser
Cincinnati, Northwest H.S., García Márquez, Alice Dasenbrock
Cincinnati, St. Ursula Academy, Doctora Mística, Linda Strotman
Cincinnati, St. Xavier H.S., Íñigo de Oñez y Loyola, John R. Meyer
Cincinnati, Seven Hills Upper School, El Desafío, Maria Wolke
Cincinnati, Ursuline Academy, Isabel la Católica, Ruthanne Palmer
Cincinnati, Western Hills H.S., Cerros del Oeste, Gloria B. Loyd
Columbus, Columbus School for Girls, Carmen LaForet, Carol D. Peery Ayers
Columbus, Eastmoor H.S., Nicolds GuiWn, Donna Cornell
Dayton, Carroll H.S., Los Patriotas, Eldora Perfilio
Dayton, Dayton Christian H.S., Alabanza, Kristen Jensen
Dayton, Oakwood H.S., Felipe Segundo, Elaine C. Long
Frankfort, Adena H.S., Los Niños de Quijote, Ila Hennig
Granville, Granville H.S., Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Kathleen Griffith
Harrison, Wm. H. Harrison, Ramón Sender, Tamara D. Glenn
Ironton, Ironton H.S., Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Judith Deutsch
Lakewood, Lakewood H.S., Lazarillo de Tormes, Carol A. Dolgosh
Lebanon, Lebanon H.S., Machu-Picchu, Debra L. Spencer
Lockland, Lockland H.S., Dulcinea, Patricia Lou Pendergrass
Marietta, Marietta H.S., Don Quijote, Tanya S. Wilder
New Matamoras, Frontier H.S., La Frontera, Mary McMahan
The Plains, Athens H.S., Federico García Lorca, Deborah S. Lowe
Reading, Mt. Notre Dame H.S., Sor Juana, Paige Adams Strickland
Springfield, Greenon H.S., Miguel de Unamuno, Janet L. Newland
Springfield, Kenton Ridge H.S., El Libertador, Marsha L. Morrett
Sugar Grove, Berne Union H.S., Carlos Fuentes, Cecilia E. Rinaldi
Sunbury, Big Walnut H.S., San Martín, Terra L. McCanney
Toledo, Roy C. Start H.S., Julio Camba, Shirley Blinn Flanner
Trenton, Edgewood H.S., Diego Rivera, Pamela A. Dixon
Vincent, Warren H.S., El Cid, Kristin E. Bolden
Waterford, Waterford Sr. H.S., Los Gatos Feroces, Ruth Ellen Hall
West Chester, Lakota H.S., Montero Rosa, Carmen Turull
Worthington, Worthington H.S., María de Ortega, Wendy L.Thompson
Youngtown, Chaney H.S., Picasso, Vida Crump
Ada, Ada H.S., Hidalgo, Erna Leach
Bartlesville, Bartlesville H.S., El Greco-Borges, Marilou M. Carter
Jenks, Jenks H.S., Benito Juárez, Joy Longmire
Midwest City, Midwest City H.S., Rómulo Gallegos, John W. Dillard
Oklahoma City, Heritage Hall, Don Quijote, Carmen Clay
Sapulpa, Sapulpa H.S., José Hernández, Mary F. McReynolds
Tulsa, Holland Hall School, Molinos de Viento, Terri B. De Gray
Tulsa, Union H.S., El Alma Española, Judith A. Molloy
STATE DIRECTOR: MARY JEAN MOHN, Gresham Union H.S. 1200 N. Main St., Gresham, 97030 [943]
Beaverton, Valley Catholic H.S., Santa Teresa de Ávila, Leonor E. Navarro
Beaverton, Sunset H.S., Cervantes, Karen McCandless Buck
Gresham, Gresham H.S., Federico García Lorca, Mary Jean Mohn
Lake Oswego, Lakeridge H.S., Los Amigos del Siglo de Oro, Cristine Ponti
Salem, North Salem H.S., José Martí, Judith L. Daugherty
Archbald, Valley View H.S., Fuente Ovejuna, Geraldine Colleran
Boothwyn, Chichester Sr. H.S., Camilo José Cela, Elizabeth W. Cloud
Brownsville, Brownsville Area H.S., La Celestina, Rosalie Barli
Canonsburg, Canon-McMillan Senior H.S., Carlos Quinto, Darrell Dernoshek
Connellsville, Connellsville Area Sr. H.S., Alejandro Casona, R. Walters / G. Miller
Connellsville, Geibel Catholic H.S., El Greco, Mary Krett
Drexel Hill, Archbishop Prendergast H.S., Amistad y Fraternidad, Sr. Miriam Irene, IHM
Easton, Notre Dame H.S., Inmaculado Corazón de María, Sr. Joseph Maureen Curran, IHM
Emmaus, Emmaus H.S., Miró, Janelle Hess
Factoryville, Lackawanna Trail H.S., Jorge Manrique, Brenda Gibson
Flourtown, Mt. St. Joseph Academy, Santa Teresa, Sr. Marie Charlotte McWilliams, S.S.J.
Freeland, MMI Preparatory School, Pablo Picasso, Dennis P Clarke
Greensburg, Hempfield Senior H.S., Domingo F. Sarmiento, Michael Galek
Greenville, Greenville H.S., Martí, Barbara L. Worely
Hazleton, Bishop Hafey H.S., Obispo Óscar Romero, Anna Marie Pauline
Hazleton, Hazelton Area H.S., Lope de Vega, Thelma Kennedy
Hershey, Hershey H.S., Maimónides, Joseph M. Sanger
Jamestown, Jamestown H.S., Saltillense, Catherine J. Michalyk
Jenkintown, Jenkintown H.S., Gabriela Mistral, H. Virginia Crane
Johnstown, Bishop McCort H.S., Benito Juárez, Zoraida Duca
Johnstown, Johnstown H.S., Andrés Segovia, Paula A. Kellar
Kingsley, Mountain View H.S., Ana María Matute, Madonna Munley
Kingston, Bishop O'Reilly H.S., Guadalupe, Madonna Ondash
Latrobe, Greater Latrobe Senior H.S., Benavente, Carole L. Ryder
Lewisburg, Lewisburg Area H.S., La Kantuta, Valerie W. Mike
Malvern, Great Valley H.S., Isabel de España, Linda Miller Lieberman
Malvern, Villa María Academy, Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro, Adriana Riordan
McKeesport, Serra Catholic H.S., Emiliano Zapata, Rose Ann Hill
Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Valley H.S., Príncipe de Asturias, A. Antnony Bianchi
Merion Station, Merion Mercy Academy, La Tertulia, Sr. Rosalie Ferrari
Montrose, Montrose Jr.-Sr. H.S., Don Quijote, Kathleen A. Goerlitz
Mt. Joy, Donegal H.S., Menéndez Pidal, Glenn E. Hess
Muncy, Muncy H.S., Cervantes, Sandra K. McLean
Philadelphia, Archbishop Ryan H.S., Nuestra Señora, Sr. Marie G. Scanlon, S.S.J.
Philadelphia, Father Judge H.S., Cruzado, William J. Schellinger
Philadelphia, Germantown / Lankenau Motivation Prog., César Chávez, Meryl L. Kramer
Philadelphia, Nazareth Academy H.S., Doña Ximena, Daniel T O'Connell
Philadelphia, Philadelphia H.S. for Girls, Duque de Rivas, Olga E. Pasini
Philadelphia, George Washington H.S., Juan Ponce de León, L. Lebowitz Lesack
Philipsburg, Philipsburg-Osceola Area H.S., Isabel la Católica, Kolene B. Parkes
Pine Grove, Pine Grove H.S., Los Labradores, Sandra L. Yeager
Pittsburgh, Shaler Area H.S., El Cid, Alice D. Smolkovich
Rosemont, The Agnes Irwin School, García Lorca, Gigi García
Shamokin, Our Lady of Lourdes Reg. H.S., Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, María Metrocavage
Schuylkill Haven, Blue Mountain H.S., Pedro Crespo, William E. Evans
Sidman, Forest Hills H.S., Simón Bolívar, Donna Grainling
Springfield, Cardinal O'Hara H.S., Andrés Bello, Anna Budiwsky
Sunbury, Shikellamy H.S., Los Bravos, Susan R. Tonzetich / Michael S. Dock
Tamaqua, Marian H.S., María Inmaculada, Deborah A. Coles
Tamaqua, Tamaqua Area H.S., Luz de Salamanca, [944] Kathryn B. Pinkey
Warminster, Archbishop Wood H.S., Felipe II, Nancy G. Smith
Weatherly, Weatherly H.S., Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, Judy L. Lagana
West Chester, East H.S., Vicente Aleixandre, Sallie A. Feldman
Whitehall, Whitehall H.S., Ciro Alegría, Jean Marsteller
Wilkes Barre, E.L. Meyers H.S., Alfonso M. Gil, Mary Ann Murphy
York, York Suburban Sr. H.S., Juan Rulfo, Donna L. Smith
STATE DIRECTOR: FLORENCE G. SMITH, Toll Gate H.S., 575 Centerville Rd., Warwick 02886
Middletown, Middletown H.S., Cristóbal Colón, Gail Greer
Newport, Rogers H.S., Don Quijote, Shirley A. Borgueta
Northern Kingstown, Northern Kingstown H.S., Alfonso el Sabio, Jean D. Poirier Green
North Scituate, Ponaganset H.S., Antonio Machado, Paula Tillinghast
Pawtucket, St. Raphael Academy, San Miguel Febres Cordero, Leslie M. Durigan
Portsmouth, Portsmouth H.S., Las Patriotas, Linda C. Arruda
Warwick, Bishop Hendricken H.S., Lope de Vega, Annette H. Schultz
Warwick, Pilgrim H.S., José de San Martín, Raymond L. Randall
Warwick, Toll Gate H.S., Antonio José de Sucre, Florence G. Smith
Warwick, Warwick Veterans Memorial H.S., Simón Bolívar, Richard J. Wissler
West Greenwich, Exeter West Greenwich H.S., García Lorca, Michelle A. Pratt
STATE DIRECTOR: BONNER GUIDERA, Conway H.S., Highway 501 West, Conway 29526
Aiken, Aiken H.S., Antonio Machado, Forough Shahidpour
Aiken, South Aiken H.S., El Cid, Janice Nashatker
Beaufort, Beaufort Academy, Santa Elena, Rosemary R. Hunt
Bennettsville, Marlboro County H.S., SorJuana de la Cruz, Judy E. Maron
Charleston, James Island H.S., Ana Maria Matute, Daphne Staley
Charleston, Porter-Gaud School, Jorge Luis Borges, Maxwell Reed Mowry
Chester, Chester Sr. H.S., Túpac Amaru, Tracey S. Wolfer
Columbia, Irmo H.S., La Guaria Morada, Kathleen S. Stafford
Columbia, Spring Valley H.S., Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Alicia J. Lewis
Conway, Conway H.S., La Dama de Elche, Bonner Guidera
Georgetown, Georgetown H.S., Jacinto Benavente, Juan Ruiz
Hilton Head, Hilton Head H.S., José Martí, Mitzi Davis
Irmo, Dutch Fork H.S., Las Américas, Ruth Ann Nicholson
Lancaster, Lancaster H.S., Cervantes, Judy P. Langston
Lexington, Lexington H.S., Rubén Darío, Deborah Deaton
Mullins, Mullins H.S., Chapultepec, Mary Ellen Roach
Myrtle Beach, Socastee H.S., Don Juan Tenorio, Jane Briggs
Ridgeland, Thomas Heyward Academy, Benito Juárez, Camillo Trapazzano
Spartanburg, Broome H.S., Filologista, Dawn E Stinchcomb
Spartanburg, Dorman H.S., Sociedad de Academia Alta de Dorman, Laura K White
Spartanburg, Spartanburg H.S., Círculo Honorario Español, Olga J. Burtnett
Summerville, Summerville-Gregg Campus, Tertulia de Quijote, Kay M. Mercer
Taylors, Eastside H.S., Las Aguilas, Rhonda Barnebee
West Columbia, Airport H.S., Don Quijote, Teresa D. Russell
STATE DIRECTOR: MARY J. MCCORKLE, Mobridge H.S., 114 E. 10th St., Mobridge, 57601
Ft. Pierre, Stanley County H.S., El Cid, Sylvia Moisan
Hecla, Hecla-Houghton School District 6-4, Velásquez, Marian Trautmann
Mobridge, Mobridge H.S., Unamuno, Mary J. McCorkle
STATE DIRECTOR: FRANK M. MARTÍNEZ, St. Agnes Academy, 4830 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, 38117
Bartlett, Bartlett H.S., Salvador Dalí, Mary M. McCullar
Chattanooga, Boyd Buchanan School, Juan Carlos Moreno, Nancy G. Caldwell
Chattanooga, The Baylor School, Baroja, [945] Mercedes V. Akers
Cookeville, Cookeville H.S., Camilo José Cela, Mae Fowler
Germantown, Germanton H.S., Simón Bolívar, Janice M. Dacus
Germantown, Houston H.S., Calderón de la Barca, Betty M. Crotty
Henderson, Chester Co. H.S., Montezuma, Jane Rowlett
Hixon, Hixon H.S., Miró, Roberto Rojas
Jackson, University School of Jackson, Jorge Luis Borges, Myriam Borges Thompson
Knoxville, Webb School, Armando Valladares, Ilza Wood
Livingston, Livingston Academy, Los Olvidados, Marjorie Ríos
Memphis, Briarcrest Christian H.S., Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Lourenda S. McKinney
Memphis, Collierville H.S., Joan Miró, Julia Barredo Willhite
Memphis, The Hutchison School, ¡Adelante!, Gilvia Brown
Memphis, Lausanne Collegiate School, El Greco, Paula Brandenburg
Memphis, Memphis University School, SHH del Colegio Universitario de M, M. Vincent Mutzi
Memphis, Overton H.S., De Soto, Robert S. Johnson
Memphis, Sheffield H.S., Don Quijote, Carole Whitehead
Memphis, St. Agnes Academy, Santa Teresa de Jesús, Frank R. Martínez
Memphis, White Station H.S., Los Espartanos, Olivia PJ. Coleman
Nashville, Fr. Ryan H.S., Miguel Delibes, Charles Stefl
Nashville, St. Cecilia Academy, Frida Kalho, Beatriz Izábal-Jacobson
Pulaski, Giles County H.S., Francisco Goya, Mabry R. Higginbotbam
Shelbyville, Central H.S., Diego Rivera, Janice B. Adcock
Addison, Trinity Christian Academy, Trinitario, Linda Gump
Amarillo, Randall H.S., Ricardo Palma, Betty Olson
Andrews, Andrews H.S., Don Juan Manuel, Linda K. Yarbrough
Arlington, Lamar H.S., Sabine R. Ulibarrí, Norma E Quiñones
Austin, James Bowie H.S., Alfonsina Storni, Nancy C. Jackson
Austin, Crockett HS., Alejandro Casona, Nieves C. Hill
Austin, A.S. Johnston H.S., Pablo Neruda, Darryl Borges
Austin, McNeil H.S., Sta. Teresa de Ávila, Dianna Allen
Austin, Westwood H.S., Diego Velázquez, Elizabeth M. Glidden
Bellaire, Bellaire H.S., Alfonso X, el Sabio, Alma G. Requenes
Brownfield, Brownfield H.S., Los Alegradores, Elvira Fonseca
Brownsville, St. Joseph Academy, Bartolomé de las Casas, María Luisa Pacheco
Carrollton, R.L. Turner H.S., Ernesto Lecuona, Elsa Barrera
Cedar Hill, Cedar Hill H.S., José María Heredia, Karen Lane
Clute, Brazoswood H.S., Los Brazos de Dios, Herbert G. Torres
College Station, A&M Consolidated H.S., Joaquín Sorolla, Linda G. Barrs
Converse, Judson H.S., El Quetzal de las Américas, Kathy Arteaga
Corpus Christi, Mary Carroll H.S., Los Emperadores, Olga M. Flores
Corpus Christi, Flour Bluff H.S., Carlos Fuentes, Blanca Becerra
Corpus Christi, Moody H.S., Pablo Picasso, Cynthia González
Corpus Christi, W.B. Ray H.S., Los Campeadores, Berta L. García
Corsicana, Corsicana H.S., Marco Deneví, (Mary) Ann Banks
Dallas, W. H. Adamson H.S., SHH de WH. Adamson H.S., Dulce M. Berbarie
Dallas, The Episcopal School of dallas, Cernuda, Mercedes Hotz
Dallas, Greenhill School, Luis de Góngora, Drew S. Parham
Dallas, St. Mark's School of Texas, Cabeza de Vaca, N. Marmion / C. Schlak
Dallas, South Oak Cliff H.S., Ponce de León, Miguel E. Garza
Dallas, Sunset H.S., Gran Galeoto, Enrique Hernández
Deer Park, Deer Park H.S., Belmonte, Melinda N. Narbona
Denton, Ryan H.S, José de Zorrilla, Linda Chapel
De Soto, De Soto H.S., Rey Juan Carlos, Jan McDaniel
Dickinson, Dickinson H.S., Miguel Hidalgo, Kathy Hamm
Dimmit, Dimunit H.S., Toledo, Edith Nordine
Duncanville, Duncanville H.S., Andrés Segovia, Elizabeth Watson
Edinburg, Edinburg H.S., Alfonso Reyes, Isabel [946] Prescott
El Paso, Bel Air H.S., Río Grande, Teresa Y. Frésquez
El Paso, Bowie H.S., Capa y Espada, Donald L. Goldsmith / Joe Galindo
El Paso, Bowie H.S., Luis Vas de Camões, (Portuguese) Donald L. Goldsmit
El Paso, Coronado H.S., El Chamizal, Yolanda A. Bejar
El Paso, Del Valle H.S., Valle del Sol, Josefina Concha
El Paso, Eastwood H.S., La Amistad, Daniel R. Cárdenas
El Paso, El Paso H.S., Río Bravo, Martha Horvath
El Paso, Ysleta H.S., El Paso del Norte, Irene C. Torres
Flower Mound, Marcus H.S., Álamo, Paige Rooker
Ft. Worth, Castleberry H.S., Paz, Bret S. Williamson
Ft. Worth, Ft. Worth Country Day School, Antonio Machado, Robert D. Adams
Ft. Worth, Nolan Catholic H.S., San Juan de la Cruz, Barbara K. Chandler
Ft. Worth, Trinity Valley School, Aleixandre, Suzanne M. Kramer
Friendswood, Friendswood H.S., Salvador Dalí, Kay P, Jones
Friendswood, Clear Brook H.S., Dr Gustavo Zardenetta, Gabriela Phillips
Galveston, Ball H.S., El Conde de Gálvez, Helen Mason
Garland, Garland H.S., Los Dariéstas, Julie Murray
Garland, Naaman Forest H.S., Ilopango, Jennifer Matteson
Garland, North Garland H.S., Rocinante, Gene Girard
Garland, South Garland H.S., Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Amanda G. Gorham
Gonzales, Gonzales H.S., Diego Rivera, Genaro A. Saldaña
Grapevine, Grapevine-Colleyville H.S., El Duque de Rivas, Kathi McChristian
Hallettsville, Hallettsville H.S., Cristóbal Colón, Irene L. Matula
Hawkins, Hawkins H.S., José de San Martín, Gwyn Kirk
Houston, Aldine H.S., Marianela, Janice M. Burgos
Houston, Clear Lake H.S., La Inspiración y la Esperanza, A. Chelette / N. Pérez / G. Yeary
Houston, Cy-Fair H.S., Santiago, Rita Watkins
Houston, Cypress Falls H.S., Escalante, Gregoria Guerrero-Cárdenas
Houston, H.S. for Performing & Visual Arts, Salamanca, Sylvia Wilkenfeld
Houston, Jersey Village H.S., Castilla, Liliana L. Granieri
Houston, The Kinkaid School, Ciro Alegría, Marilyn A. Hartley
Houston, M.B. Lamar H.S., Frida Kahlo, Al Rodríguez
Houston, Langham Creek H.S., Iberia, Robin Goodwin
Houston, Robert E. Lee H.S., Avellaneda, Inés Anido
Houston, Second Babtist H.S., Cristo Rey, John B. Victery
Houston, Spring Woods Sr. H.S., Juan Rulfo, J. Robertson
Houston, S.P: Waltrip H.S., Los Pícaros, Diane Henderson
Houston, Westbury H.S., Andrea Sendón McHenry, Melisa Shellenbarger
Houston, Westfield H.S., El Alma Española, S.L. Scott
Irving, The Highlands School, Cosme de la Torriente, Alina Fernández Thomas
Johnson City, Lyndon B. Johnson H.S., Río Pedernales, Cicero A. Rust, III
Klein, Klein H.S., Sancho Panza, Addriana M. Mills
La Joya, La Joya H. S., Raíces, Rogelio Valdez
La Marque, La Marque H.S., SHH de La Marque H.S., Jo Thomas
League City, Clear Creek H.S., Fco. de Vitoria, Amalia Duran Parra
Liberty, Liberty H.S., Club Castellano, Joyce E. Bowman
Lubbock, Coronado H.S., Fco. Vásquez de Coronado, Oralia R. Bravo
Midland, Robert E. Lee Senior H.S., Jesús Mario Morales, Gail Nelson
Paris, Paris H.S., Teotihuacán, Bruce Cooper
Pearland, Pearland H.S., Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, Anna D. Williamson
Richardson, L.V Berkner H.S., La Luz, Julianne W. Werner
Richardson, J.J. Pearce H.S., Antonio de Nebrija, Marsha L. McFarland
Richardson, Richardson H.S., Cuauhtémoc, Sharon Hiner
Round Rock, Round Rock H.S., José de Ribera, Connie Poarch
San Antonio, Alamo Heights H.S., Siglo de Oro, Johnnie Eng
San Antonio, Central Catholic H.S., Willie Velásquez, J.P. Watkins
San Antonio, Winston Churchill H.S., Calderón de la Barca, Arthur I. Glaze, Jr. [947]
San Antonio, Tom C. Clark H.S., Francisco Goya, María D. González / Jodi Spoor
San Antonio, Robert G. Cole H.S., Juan R. Jiménez, Leticia Villanueva
San Antonio, Oliver Wendell Holmes H.S., Andrés Bello, Raúl Garza, Jr.
San Antonio, John Jay H.S., La Raza Cósmica, Evangelina S. Vera
San Antonio, Robert E. Lee H.S., El Greco, Rose H. Leyva
San Antonio, Douglas MacArthur H.S,, Moguer, Rose Marie Bennett
San Antonio, John Marshall H.S., Azorín, María J. Thomas
San Antonio, Memorial H.S., Niños Héroes de Chapultepec, María del Carmen Aranda
San Antonio, Northside Health Careers H.S., Pío Baroja, Rosario M. Cantú
San Antonio, Roosevelt H.S., Ixtaccíhuatl, Nancy S. Heinemeier
San Antonio, Saint Mary's Hall, Décima Musa, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, José Ortega / M. Coleman
San Antonio, Wm. H. Taft H.S., Paseo del Río, Y. Huerta / R. Pérez
Seminole, Seminole H.S., Don Quixote, Don Scroggins
Southlake, Carroll H.S., Quetzalcoatl, Dinah Afsahi
Spring, Klein Oak H.S., Tirso de Molina, Nelva Thalassinos
Spring, Spring H.S., Lazarillo, Georgette Sullins
Stafford, Stafford H.S., Rosario Castellanos, Yolanda Soliz
Sugar Land, Austin H.S., Selena Quintanilla Pérez, Bobette Dunn
Sugar Land, William P. Clements H.S., Cela, Susan Cavazos
Texas City, Texas City H.S., La Sociedad Mutualista, Sylvia P. Garza
Universal City, Randolph H.S., Los Hidalgos, Susan Standford
Zapata, Zapata H.S., Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Ma. Alma G. Pérez
Fair Haven, Fair Haven Union H.S., José Martí, Georgina Iglesias-Brown
STATE DIRECTOR: DONALD E. HILLER, Potomac H.S., 16706 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Dumfries 22026
Alexandria, Bishop Ireton H.S., San Francisco de Sales, Dorothy T Doyle
Alexandria, Thomas Jefferson H.S. for Science & Technology, Severo Ochoa, Barbara B. Dent
Alexandria, St. Stephens & St. Agnes School, San Esteban-Santa Inés, Carol Lewis
Alexandria, T.C. Williams H.S., Rubén Darío, Amy E. Kemper-Santos
Annandale, Annandale B.S., La Luz Dorada, Donatella Arndt
Ashburn, Broad Run H.S., Ponce de León, Doris H. Gearing
Bridgewater, Turner Ashby H.S., Rigoberta Menchú, Judith Daniel / Kay Harter
Burke, Lake Braddock Secondary School, Benito Juárez, Joan W. Heller
Centreville, Centreville H.S., Amigos de Quijote, Tim Thomas
Chantilly, Chantilly H.S., Rosalía Castro, Debra S. Royals
Charlottesville, Albemarle H.S., Diego Velázquez, J. Schilling
Charlottesville, Charlottesville H.S., Simón Bolívar, Alba V. Shank
Chatham, Hargrave Military Academy, Quinientos Años, Major Wm. E. Wood
Chester, Thomas Dale H.S., Emilia Pardo Bazán, Mary B. Liner
Chesterfield, L.C. Bird H.S., Siglo de Oro, Catherine T. Neale
Colonial Heights, Colonial Heights H.S., Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Gregoria Morales Davis
Crozet, Western Albemarle H.S., José Zorrilla, Isolina (Lina) G. Núñez
Dumfries, Potomac Senior H.S., San Martín, Sharon Traylor
Ettrick, Matoaca H.S., Los Hijos del Cid, Mary C. Gafford
Fairfax, Paul VI H.S., Pablo VI, Judy Trenta Barney
Fairfax, W.T. Woodson H.S., Antonio José Sucre, Celestina Mondin
Falls Church, Falls Church H.S., El Cordobés, Santos (Sandy) Gutiérrez
Falls Church, G. C. Marshall H. S., Ana María Matute, Norma T Davis
Falls Church, George Mason H.S., Sandra Cisneros, Nancy L. Beretz
Hampton, Bethel H.S., Marcela Paz, Deborah K. Sommer
Hampton, Hampton H.S., La Tertulia, Marly M. Fuller / Isidro Kessel
Hampton, Kecoughtan H.S., Orozco, Pamela C. Brown
Herndon, Herndon H.S., Andrés Segovia, María [948] Sneed
Highland Springs, Highland Springs H.S., Paz, Elizabeth Pfaulz
Madison, Madison County H.S., Sancho Panza, María Elena Portuondo
Manassas, Osbourn H.S., Isabel Allende, Mary H. Rana
Manassas, Osbourn Park H.S., Azteca, William Lanza
Manassas, Stonewall Jackson H. S., Octavio Paz, Mary Theresa Dick
McLean, Langley H.S., El Quetzal, Ramon E. Planas, Jr.
Midlothian, Manchester H.S., Santiago de Compostela, Patricia S. Hoy
Midlothian, Midlothian H.S., Leonardo Félix, Kathryn W. Myers
Newport News, Denbigh H.S., Manolete, Neysa O. Evans
Newport News, Hampton Roads Academy, El Greco, Robert Trundle
Newport News, Menchville H.S., La Numancia, Y. Ortega Tutunjian
Newport News, Peninsula Catholic H.S., San Vicente de Paúl, Isabel M. Jordan
Norfolk, Granby H.S., Azorín, Donna Shahan
Norfolk, Booker T Washington H.S., Tirso de Molina, Pura Ileana Bellido
Penn Laird, Spotwood H.S., Ernesto Sábato, Esther J. Perales Cohen
Prince George, Prince George H.S., Los Caballeros Reales, Yvonne B. Coleman
Richmond, The Collegiate Schools, Espronceda, Roger R. Ross
Richmond, Mills E. Godwin H.S., Siglo de Oro, Teresa D. Nolte
Richmond, Thomas Jefferson Center 1. / G. Studies, Blasco Ibáñez, Renee J. Hughes
Richmond, Manchester H.S., Santiago de Compostela, Patricia S. Hoy
Richmond, Varina H.S., Camilo José Cela, Brenda L. Witherspoon
Roanoke, Cave Spring H.S., Diego Velázquez, Nancy L. Bryant / Judith R. Dickerson
Roanoke, Northside H.S., Francisco de Goya, Karen G. Lavinder
Rustburg, Rustburg H.S., Marco Denevi, Lisa Hall Foster
Salem, Glenvar H.S., Jorge Luis Borges, Gresilda Anne Tilley-Lubbs
Salem, Salem H.S., Lope de Vega, Cynthia L. Stephens
Springfield, West Springfield H.S., Mario Moreno, Nancy Tucker
Sterling, Park View H.S., Los Pícaros, Barbara Thede
Vienna, James Madison H.S., Los Cervantinos, María M. Ingham
Vienna, Oakton H.S., Horacio Quiroga, Rosemary Pukal
Virginia Beach, Bayside H.S., Quijote, Sandra W. Wilson
Virginia Beach, Cape Henry Collegiate School, Fernando Arabal, Mary Todd Glascock
Virginia Beach, Frank W. Cox H.S., José Ortega y Gassett, Hilda L. Wilson
Virginia Beach, Green Run H.S., Babieca, Patricia A. Curtis-Lique
Virginia Beach, Kempsville H.S., Moctezuma, Shannon Doolittle
Virginia Beach, Princess Anne H.S., Alfonso X, el Sabio, Claudia H. Cosimano
Virginia Beach, Tallwood H.S., Castilla de León, G. Falls / K. Hanley
Williamsburg, Lafayette H.S., García Lorca, Suzan A. Griffin
Williamsburg, Walsingham Academy, La Piña, Mary D. Lavin
Woodbridge, C.D. Hylton H.S., Martín Fierro, Carmen O. Myers
Woodbridge, Woodbridge Sr. H.S., Macondo, Mark Churchwell
Yorktown, Tabb H.S., Amigos Eternos, Saundra I. Hansford
Yorktown, York H.S., Isadoro de Sevilla, Marliss M. Burgazli
Tacoma, Curtis Senior H.S., Quevedo, Janet Robinson
Silverdale, Central Kitsap H.S., Miguel de Unamuno, Robert E. Clairmont
STATE DIRECTOR: PEGGY GLASER, Wheeling Park H.S., ParkView Rd., Wheeling 26003
Bridgeport, Bridgeport H.S., Lazarillo de Tormes, Debbra L. Nicholson
Clarksburg, Washington Irving H.S., Benito Juárez, George D. Barr
Elkins, Elkins H.S., Óscar Arias, Brad Martin
Huntington, Huntington H.S., Gabriela Mistral, Karen L. Berry
Huntington, Huntington East H.S., Hernán Cortés, Marsha J. Smith
Lewisburg, Greenbrier East H.S., Rosario Ferre, Luisa M. Buck
Morgantown, University H.S., Enrique Anderson Imbert, Elizabeth Renahan
New Martinsville, Magnolia H.S., Gabriel García Márquez, Joanne Fawcett [949]
Ona, Cabell Midland H.S., TBA, Sara A. Bias
Parkersburg, Parkersburg H.S., Simón Bolívar, Theresa Z. / David A. Marlow
Parkersburg, Parkersburg Catholic H.S., Oscar Romero, Margarita Lugo de Rubio
St. Mary's, St. Mary's H.S., Miguel Hernández, Janet L. Rea
Shinnston, Lincoln H.S., José de San Martín, Deborah M. Harki
Shenandoah Junction, Jefferson H.S., Santa Teresa de Ávila, Patricia White
South Charleston, South Charleston H.S., Amado Nervo, Rose Mary Kutz
Wheeling, Central Catholic H.S., Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Lynn Papagan
Wheeling, The Linsly School, Pablo Neruda, Nicoletta Villa-Sella
Wheeling, Mt. de Chantal Visitation Academy, Ponce de León,
Wheeling, Wheeling Park H.S., Carlos Quinto, Margaret (Peggy) Glaser
STATE DIRECTOR: GLADYS WISNEFSKI, Oshkosh N. H.S., 1100 W. Smith Ave., Oshkosh, 54901
Appleton, Xavier H.S., Vicente Huidobro, Mary Elmer
Arcadia, Arcadia H.S., Isabel la Católica, Jane Bautch
Brookfield, Brookfield Central H.S., José Martí, Byron Tousignant
Cedarburg, Cedarburg H.S., Francisco Goya, Barbara Johnson
Delafield, St. John's Military Academy, Maximiliano, Stewart L. Randall
De Pere, De Pere H.S., Isabel Allende, Candace Dietz
Elkhorn, Elkhorn Area H.S., Mexica, Tracy Sandberg
Florence, Florence H.S., Pedro Romero, Bridget Bergwall
Glendale, Nicolet H.S., Wilberto Cantón, Gisela K. Holmquist
Green Bay, Notre Dame de la Baie Academy, Salvador Dalí, Lynn L. Nuthals
Hartford, Hartford Union H.S., Santiago, Amalia Biester
Hartland, Arrowhead H.S., Lope de Vega, Joan Blaschke
Howards Grove, Howards Grove H.S., Amado Nervo, Diane Mikolyzk
Janesville, Craig H.S., Real Academia, Christine Stried
Janesville, Parker H.S., Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Jane Thompson
Kewaunee, Kewaunee H.S., Simón Bolívar, Nicole R. Gould
La Crosse, Aquinas H.S., Alfonsina Storni, Georgia Marsh
Lomira, Lomira H.S., Manuel Machado, Lucía A. Dowling
Madison, Madison Memorial H.S., Dulcinea, Janet C. Morse
Madison, Madison West H.S., Horacio Quiroga, Andrew Zintel
Menomonee Falls, Menomonee Falls H.S., Carlos Fuentes, Patricia Cuellar
Milwaukee, Rufus King H.S., El Círculo Español, Ruth T Rivera
Neillsville, Neillsville H.S., Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Donna J. Dekker
Oshkosh, Oshkosh North H.S., Dra. Raquel Kersten, Gladys M. Wisnefski
Oshkosh, Oshkosh West H.S., Diego Rivera, Jacqueline S. Gnagi
Owen, Owen-Withee H.S., Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, June Kammerud
Poynette, Poynette H.S., Juan Ramón Jiménez, Kathleen A. Markgraf
Shorewood, Shorewood H.S., Conquistadores, Marita E. Ritsche
Solon Springs, St. Croix H.S., Jorge Luis Borges, Jerine L. Pearson
South Milwaukee, South Milwaukee Sr. H.S., Francisco de Quevedo, Alfred E. Shumway
Sparta, Sparta Senior H.S., Urubamba, Rosa Hamilton
Waukesha, North H.S., Antonio Machado, Marilyn Johnston
Wauwatosa, Wauwatosa East H.S., Diego Velázquez, Maureen K. Race
Westfield, Westfield H.S., Don Quijote, Weldon L. Kempf
STATE DIRECTOR: DONNA R. THOMPSON, Laramie Sr. H.S., 1275 N.11th St. Laramie 82070
Laramie, Laramie Senior H.S., Los Sevillanos, Donna Thompson
St. Croix, St. Croix Central H.S., Julia de Burgos, Ishmael Gordon
St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie H.S., Luis Lloréns Torres, Marilyn T. David
St. Thomas, Ivanna Eudora Kean H.S., Enrique Laguerre, Myrna V. van Beverhoudt [950]
Tai Tam, Hong Kong, Hong Kong International School, Cristóbal Colón, Pele Young
Karachi, Karachi American School, La Peña Literaria, Lisa Khoso
Taipei, Taiwan, Quijote, David Blowers
Nonthaburi, Thailand, Gabriel García Márquez, Joyce A. Meyer