How to Make Your Dragon

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  • Autor: Sánchez Clavijo, Jorge Andrés
  • Título: How to Make Your Dragon
  • Publicación original: 2015
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    • The Visual Effects industry has made giant leaps in technology, but not so much in art. Following the mandates of the Renaissance artists a study in flying mechanics followed by a design that solve the problems of fantasy creatures and make them move and fly like a real animal.
      Dragons have a very important role in fantasy stories and have become a staple of animation and visual effects in live action movies and videogames. However a lot of dragon animations to date show biologically unrealistic flight movements.
      I propose a new design of a dragon skeleton that allows realistic flying animation while preserving all the physical characteristics that we expect to find in dragons. The new wing design allows for a greater range of movement and is also fully compatible with motion capture technologies.
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    • Resumen: Anatomy; Animacion; Animal; Animation; Character; Design; Diseño personajes; Flying; Mechanics; Visual effects
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