Stability in a Changing World – Palm Community Dynamics in the Hyperdiverse Western Amazon Over...

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  • Autor: Olivares Aroca, Ingrid Lorena; Svenning, Jens Christian; Bodegom, Peter M van; Balslev, Henrik; Valencia, Renato
  • Título: Stability in a Changing World – Palm Community Dynamics in the Hyperdiverse Western Amazon Over 17 Years
  • Publicación original: Global Change Biology, 2016
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    • Are the hyperdiverse local forests of the western Amazon undergoing changes linked to global and local drivers such as climate change, or successional dynamics? We analyzed local climatic records to assess potential climatic changes in Yasun_? National Park, Ecuador, and compared two censuses (1995, 2012) of a palm community to assess changes in community structure and composition. Over 17 years, the structure and composition of this palm community remained remarkably stable.
      Soil humidity was significantly lower and canopy conditions were significantly more open in 2012 compared to 1995, but local climatic records showed that no significant changes in precipitation, temperatura or river level have occurred during the last decade. Thus, we found no evidence of recent directional shifts in climate or the palm community in Yasun_?. The absence of changes in local climate and plant community dynamics in Yasun_? contrasts with recent findings from eastern Amazon, where environmental change is driving significant changes in ecosystem dynamics.
      Our findings suggest that until now, local forests in the northwest Amazon may have escaped pressure from climate change. The stability of this rich palm community embedded in the hyperdiverse Yasuní National Park underlines its uniqueness as a sanctuary for the protection of Amazonian diversity from global change impacts.
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    • Amazonas (Ecuador)
    • Resumen: Arecaceae; Biodiversity; Climate change; Climatic records; Community ecology; Directional changes; Forest dynamics; Forest monitoring; Global change; Yasuní National Park
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