The modern intelligent investor: Can value and growth investing strategies evolve to maximize...

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  • Título: The modern intelligent investor: Can value and growth investing strategies evolve to maximize returns and reduce risk? = Colombia: pueden las estrategias de inversión por valor y por crecimiento evolucionar para aumentar los retornos y reducir el riesgo
  • Autor: Marun Helo, Elías Alberto
  • Publicación original: 2013
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    • This research explores the origin and evolution of value and growth investing strategies focusing on the principles that reduce risk and maximize the potential for future returns. These are contrasted with the theory and practice of efficient markets hypothesis which allows passive investors to achieve a respectable average return but discourages active portfolio management. Acknowledging the difficulty of outperforming the market by private investors, this research refers to the two drivers of successful stock picking: (i) the attitude of the investing community towards the market and/or the targeted stock at the time of purchase and, (ii) the value and growth potential of the underlying business.
      Concerning the first driver, asset overpricing and financial bubbles are analysed from the perspective of behavioural finance as a tool for timing the investing decision. Regarding the second driver, a framework for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the underlying business is developed in order to provide the enterprising investor with the tools to reduce risk and maximize returns. To support these findings, a number of business cases are presented showing that consistent valuation of long Competitive Advantage Period (CAP ) companies, complemented with adequate market timing has the potential to outperform the market in the long run.
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    • Resumen: Análisis fundamental; Estrategias de inversión en bolsa; Filosofía inversionista; Inversión basada en crecimiento; Inversión basada en valor; Inversiones; Periodo de ventaja competitiva; Valoración de empresas
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  • Idioma: inglés
  • Institución origen: Biblioteca Virtual del Banco de la República
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