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Ibero-American Editors and Publishers (Centuries XIX-XXI) – EDI-RED


Voices edition

EDI-RED aspires to become an archive of the history of publication in peninsular languages. To this end, and on a regular basis, testimonies of contemporary publishers will be incorporated by means of original interviews which will be gathered in the section Voces de la Edición / Publishing Voices.

The Video Library and Audio Library will be stocked, principally, with recordings created for the portal EDI-RED, but it will also incorporate all audiovisual materials with links to those which have made it possible to create and develop the publishing field. Thus, we have undertaken a search for videos, cassettes, and all types of sound and visual documents which will permit us to recover the experiences and memories of our literary editors, publishing houses, and collections.

We encourage those who visit our portal to collaborate in this effort to rescue our cultural patrimony.

Pura Fernández

(Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales-CSIC)

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