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Furseo is «Fursey, abbot. B. in Ireland; d. in France, 648; feast day 16 January. After St. Columban, St. Fursey (Fursa) is perhaps the best known of the Irish monastic missioners abroad in the earlier middle ages... [Bede says he] was "renowned for his words and works, outstanding in goodness"» (Donald Attwater, The Penguin dictionary of saints [London, 1965], pp. 143-4).



P. Gaskell, A new introduction to bibliography (Oxford, 1972), p. 13, notes a variation of 1.5 per cent between «generally» and «occasionally» observed amounts of paper shrinkage.



The first item is no. 11, the second no. 63 in the volume. Item 10 in the same volume, said in the colophon to have been printed by Lucas Antonio de Belmar [sic] in 1700, is not in Bedmar's type.



We use the expression «present evidence» advisedly, being well aware that more evidence could be obtained from items printed by Bedmar between 1701 and 1715; but we know of only one such item, which we have not been able to examine. The sad fact is that there is no catalogue of 18th-century Madrid (or Spanish) books; investigators must rely on chance encounters.



For model descriptions, see Wilson's «Comedias sueltas-a bibliographical problem», in The comedias of Calderón, ed. D. W. Cruickshank and J. E. Varey (London, 1973), vol., I, pp. 211-19.