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St. 553, found only in MS G, offers the following variants (according to the paleographical ed. of M. Criado de Val and E. W. Naylor [M., 1965]): v. a todas las cosas] todos los tus fechos v. c posar] poner (which may reflect the influence of the pausas discussed in the work glossed) v. d mesura] la mesura. The major variant in st. 1450 is the inversion of vv. cd in MS 9589, which corresponds to none of the extant MSS. There are variants in common with each of the three extant readings, but the closest filiation seems to be with MS S: v. b vincen] vencen v. d (c in MS 9589) dat e ferit] daldes, ferit. The indications are slight, but cumulatively they seem to point to the second redaction of the LBA as the ultimate source of the text found in MS 9589.