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Fontilles and leprosy in Spain

Images [Selection criteria and terms of use of images ]


The photographs collected in this gallery come from the Fontilles Photo Archive and have been selected for their technical and artistic quality or for the information they provide. To make them easier to search, the images have been grouped based on the three axes around which the sanatorium and its residents' lives were organised: the separation between men and women, between «healthy» and «sick» people, and between the inside and outside worlds.

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The maps gathered in this gallery illustrate the efforts made for decades to represent leprosy’s geographical distribution in Spain. All were extracted from the works included in the catalogue.

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The plans included in this gallery are just a representative sample of the architectural projects preserved in the Fontilles Archive. Through them it is possible to learn about how the disease and its treatment were understood, and how these conceptions determined the design and spatial distribution of the buildings, as well as how the separation between men and women, between «sick» and «healthy» people and between the intramural space and the outside world were embodied in the sanatorium's urban and architectural design.

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Leprosy, in addition to being described and narrated, was also graphically represented to explain its different clinical and microbiological forms or epidemiological characteristics. The graphs gathered in this gallery were extracted from works in the catalogue. A series of graphs preserved in the Fontilles Archive can be consulted alongside them. They were produced by the sanatorium's medical staff based on the patients' epidemiological data.

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