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Ibero-American Editors and Publishers (Centuries XIX-XXI) – EDI-RED


Voices edition

EDI-RED intends to become an archive of the memory of the edition in the peninsular languages. To do this, on a regular basis, it includes interviews with contemporary editors, recorded in videos and audios, with original testimonies of their professional tasks, as well as transcripts of the interviews.

The video and sound library are fed, mainly, with the recordings created for the EDI-RED portal, but it also incorporates other audiovisual materials linked to those that have made the creation and development of the publishing field possible, as is the case, for example, of interviews with directors of book fairs, and documentaries on the publishing world in Ibero-American countries.

It also includes, in video format, the content of the sessions of the International Seminars «Public Networks and International Relations», with the interventions of their speakers and round tables.

Thus, we have undertaken a search for videos, cassettes and all kinds of sound and graphic documents that allow us to recover the experiences and memories of our editors, publishers and literary collections.

We encourage those who visit our portal to collaborate in this work of rescuing our cultural heritage.

Pura Fernández

(Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales-CSIC)

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